P-47D ‘The Bug’ Hasegawa 1/48

June 21, 2020 · in Aviation · · 8 Comments

Had an unfinished kit and finally decided to complete it in the fierce markings of Lt Arlie Blood "The Bug",which was shot down by Flak when attacking ground targets,its pilot surviving the ordeal...

The mouth decal took partially off from the left side after demasking and the missing part had to be painted by hand again...as can be seen in the photos,it is not a good job,but the nose art was at least preserved...

Hope you like it.

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8 responses

  1. Very nice. I've got those markings and they scare the beejaysus outta me; you did a great job despite the minor upset

  2. Nice Jug-Bug Marcus - I think I would have flipped out if the torn decal happened to me.
    Great build and a great recovery.

  3. Great Jug. The joy of masking, not!

  4. Agree with above gents, Marcus!
    Great job and great recovery!
    Nice to see this Jug finished!

  5. Well done, Marcus.
    Barely noticeable that you had to paint the decal part yourself.
    Very nice fitting overall.

  6. Good job on the wing/fuselage belly seam. Always a tricky spot on the Hasegawa P-47.

    Brian Riedel

  7. Very nice! Have never seen that scheme on the Jug - stand-out markings I must say. Well done.

  8. Thank you all for the kind supoort guys!All the best!

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