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RUMPLER C.lV ‘Dalila’

Wnw 1:32
Tamiya paint
EZ line with Gaspatch 1:32 trunbuckles

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21 responses to RUMPLER C.lV ‘Dalila’

  1. Wow, you got really fine detail painting in that beautiful Rumpler. I especially like the propeller. Oils or masking?

  2. Incredible, so much detail.
    This makes me jealous David.
    The pistol, the wiring, the propeller, all looks perfect.

  3. I second the wow! Beautiful.

  4. Stunning!!! Beautiful build, exquisite paint work and seeing detail like that, is just incredible. Not only incredible detail, but your ability to paint it all and bring it to life is wonderful. That really is one of the most impressive builds I have seen in a long long time. To quote someone infamous, “Impressive, Most Impressive!”

  5. Where did you get the Full size Rumpler to shrink down?
    A masterwork, the hours show.

  6. Alex said on June 8, 2020

    Marvelous build and full of tiny details… I looooove it 🙂

  7. Superb work. Every detail is perfect and the result is fantastic. This is definitely one of the best WW1 models I have seen. Ever.

  8. David, Absolutely beautiful, Well done !

  9. This is a fantastic build, David. Everything is said above and I totally agree.
    Congratulations, Sir, this is a work of art!

  10. Gentlemen your very kind. I took the advice of my peers and built each section as if it were a model in its own right…………it works!!

  11. Wow, excellent work David.

  12. Superb. I really love it. Thank you for sharing David.

  13. HI, David… this is a lovely model. You’ve done really well in bringing it to life. I have this kit still to build, so looking forward to it now that I’ve seen your handiwork. I appreciate better the elegance of the aircraft when viewing your kit, especially in profile. Great paint work and rigging, too.

    Very well done… ;-).



  14. Hi Paul,
    I’ve done this one and the WNW Salmson. I think the two seaters WNW have created are just amazing kits…especially the German collection. I’ve the late version of this to do without the nose cone [ it’s presence made the aeroplane slower!!] and a couple of DFW’s . Lucky me😀

    • Hi, David… yes, the two-seaters are a great range of kits. I have the LVG C.VI, the Rumpler and a Hannover CL.III, plus Fokker D.VII all from WnW, and a Fokker D.II, D.VI and Dr.I in the same scale from other manufacturers. I hope someday to get a WnW Albatros B.II, although I may have to remortgage the house in the process!

      I look forward to seeing more of your models here when they’re complete… :-).



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