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VF-1J Valkyrie Hikaru Hichijo version(Hasegawa 1/48)

The iconic Japanese TV series Macross,…The kit, simply is excellent, detail enough good , nice union and fantastic decals, I gave to myself some freedoms in her, make the missiles AMM-1 completely scratch, mount them in base of the set hasegawa D (TER) and GBU 24 Paveway III bombs with decals of the UN.Spacy … has also deck crew of the set hasegawa Us Navy … possesses a slight weathering in panels, the deck is completely scratch and the coincide with the CVS 101 Prometheus, the aircraft carrier Flagship of fleet the Pacific Ocean.

15 responses to VF-1J Valkyrie Hikaru Hichijo version(Hasegawa 1/48)

  1. Very imaginative. I like your ‘take’ on this subject.

  2. It sorta reminds of a “conglomerate” of US fighters…take a little F-18, throw in a pinch of F-15 and a dash of F-14 (add a smidgen of Mig-23 for good measure)…shake well and viola – here’s the result. LOL 🙂

  3. Nice work on it, and a fun setting.

  4. Hey wait! This is Rick Hunter’s Veritech! (I watched the show as “Robotech” so the names differ.) I have this kit as well (but really want Roy Fokker’s VF-S!). I’m so glad Hasegawa decided to do one in 1/48 (I have a couple of 1/72 versions.) Nice to see it build up so I can see what the end result will be. I think the decals are in the kit to do Max and Myria’s (Millia’s) blue and red VF-1Js. The kit IS very detailed and you’ve done a nice job with it. Do you have any more in the works? (Or know if Hasegawa intends to release all versions and maybe a Zentraedi Battle Pod? Thanks much for bringing some (excellent IMHO) sci-fi to the headline page!!

  5. This looks great! nice work on the deck too.

  6. I love this sort of thing! Nice diorama Anthony, it looks great,

  7. I needed to make this model, this is of my favorite anime series.

  8. Very nicely done. I’m not familiar with the series these come from but they look like aircraft I “designed” when I was a young dreamer! Ha! (If only I could have made some of those designs real – perhaps I should have consulted Kelly Johnston for tips!) LoL!

    Nicely done, Anthony!

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