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‘Yellow nose’ Eduard 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 “Adolf Galland”

Finished this model during the middle of the corona crisis.
The model is a Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4 from Eduard (weekend edition kit 84166).
My experience on this model is great, good fitting and hardly any need of filling.
Did try to spend a bit more time on the interior this time.

The model shown is the yellow nose W.Nr.5819 flown by Obstlt. Adolf Galland, Geschwaderkommodore of JG26, located in Audembert, France December 1940.

Any comments for improvements are always welcome.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to ‘Yellow nose’ Eduard 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 “Adolf Galland”

  1. Classic, iconic aircraft. Great looking build!

  2. That’s a fantastic model, John!
    Your extra effort at the cockpit really shows.
    Also, Eduard seems to own the 1/48 market.
    Great job of a great plane of this great open minded pilot!

  3. Nicely done, John. Eduard’s Emils rarely disappoint and yours looks factory fresh. Next time you do one, check out the radio aerial arrangement. The radio equipment is located roughly behind the access panel near the left fuselage cross and there should be a connection wire emerging from the left fuselage spine connecting to the aerial wire between cockpit and fin. Great model nonetheless. Paul

  4. This is very nice indeed! I have just started my first eduard EMIL, having a few Tamiya and eduard F and G built. I find it a bit more difficult with the engine setup, but that was mostly because I did not read the instructions correctly (wanted the engine closed).

    The wire mentioned is easy to du, remember it is just a tiny bit slack and the top as you made it is straight. If I may – the clear part at the end of the REVI (sight) is a pad covered in leather, not clear (there to save the face of the pilot in case of a crash).

    Thank you for sharing, well done!

  5. Nice looking EMIL John. Well done

  6. Very nice result John. You definitely made the most of the good basic material. This looks excellent.

  7. John, Very Well done !, I really like your paint finish. What did you use ?

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