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Cleaver’s Inspiration

August 3, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.7K

While working on the two armor kits I recently posted I listened to the Audible version of Tom Cleaver's Holding the Line, a Book about the naval air war in Korea. The book was very enjoyable and inspired me to build a . I went with the F4U-5N.

This one turned out to be a bit of a chore for a Hasegawa kit. The biggest problem was that the front fuselage was very slightly mis-molded which, like falling dominoes, led to other fit problems along the way. I persevered anyway and I'm very happy with the final product. I'm thinking a Panther or Skyraider will be my next Korean War subject.

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  1. Nice build of a Korean War Hase Corsair. The Pierre Bordelon markings are one of the more popular schemes (when I get around to mine, it will have the same markings.)

  2. Great work Scott especially in light of the molding issues. It looks perfect to me. Always nice to have inspiration for a kit.

  3. Thanks. I wish you had also gone to Modeling Madness and pulled up my review of building this kit, where I point out the solution for the mold problem.

    Despite that, you got a nice result here, and if you listen further to the audiobook, the story of Bordelon and others like Don Shelton who flew Corsairs at night is told in detail.

  4. Your Corsair looks fabulous. Well done!

  5. You've done a great job Scott.

  6. A fine looking Corsair, Scott.
    Nice and clean paint job.

  7. Great Corsair indeed, Scott!

  8. Nice work , Scott. That’s one of my favorite subjects .

  9. Very nice. Really a good inspiration for those who have such a kit in the box.

  10. One beautiful Corsair!

  11. Looks great! Love the Corsair.

  12. Very nicely done Scott. I'm close to finishing up one of those 1/48th F4U-5N kits too and experienced the same fitment problem you described with the engine cowling to fuselage joint. Your finished Corsair looks compliments to you.

  13. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Always been attracted to a Corsair ( this one or the jet ). This one brings back memories of an old Monogram version. Job well done Scott.

  14. Thanks everyone for the compliments.

  15. Great Corsair Scott. One of my all time favourites.

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