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Hasegawa F-104C

August 11, 2017 · in Aviation · · 17 Comments

Another one from the recent past. 's F-104G with as much aftermarket stuff as I could cram into it. This was an important lesson in 'critical mass'; the idea that at some point Gewgaw A and What's-it B will eventual interfere with Thingies C, D and E. I used the Aires gear wells, avionics bay and ejection seat. Eduard Big Ed set, and the incredible 'update' set from Daco. The only thing I couldn't upgrade was the decals. Despite scouring the Internet, I couldn't come up with a set of decals for US Starfighters. I think I had a set of ancient Microscale with the NASA scheme, but wasn't interested in fighting with what were probably 40 year old decals. Paint was Alclad II, but if I had it to do over again, I could probably have used buffing paints and powders.

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17 responses

  1. I love this 104! Back in my Army days, my tank and I became the target of a Luftwaffe F-104. It was an awesome, if scary experience. Your model brings back memories.

    Bravo, Brad!

  2. I know whatcha mean about those ancient Microscale decals...I wasted $$ on two sets of recently (they absolutely disintegrated into a million pieces). Your model turned out really well, however - 1/48th scale I presume?

  3. Simply gorgeous...great job!

  4. i think that's astounding

  5. Brad, always enjoy a good 104, the best "looking fast just sitting there", aircraft ever made. Looks very nice. I think your Alclad finish looks great. I've actually used it with different shades of model master Metalizer and had nice results. Keep up the good work !

  6. Great looking build. These jets are big even in 1:48. I did the Italeri 1:32 version a couple of years ago without the aftermarket bells and whistles and it was still a handful to control.

  7. Hi Brad,
    Finished the the highest standards. The color changes in the metal are done very well. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. I'm with Dirk and the others, great finish on this model.

  9. I have to chime in again: I sure wish there were more pictures of this very excellent F-104! Great Painting, Brad. The changes in the NMF colours are VERY well done and show beautifully.

  10. I uploaded another 4 photos...I really need to set up the photo 'Studio' and reshoot it. Maybe when I shoot my most recent completion.

  11. Very nice Brad - the metal work looks excellent.

  12. Lovely metal finish on that one mate! Great build.

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