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ICM 1/35 Chernobyl firetruck

July 11, 2020 · in Diorama · · 12 · 4K

This is yet another eBay find that I wasn't expecting while looking for something else. I didnt even know the kit existed.

I quite enjoyed this build as I usually do military stuff that's green or gray, so something a bit brighter (in colour, not history) was fun to do. I say fun now, however masking white and red together is very unforgiving if you get even the slightest overspray. Lets just say I had a few F&%K! moments, but I think it came out OK in the end after lots of touch ups and a few resprays here and there.
Having the figures included was a bonus and meant I could put it all together in a simple wee diorama that tells a big story. Interestingly it also comes with a cardboard backdrop of the fire. For those that are not building dioramas it's a nice wee background for something a little different. It's not my kind of thing but have added a couple of photos with it anyway.

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  1. First time I've seen a diorama of the tremendous heroism at Chernoble!

  2. Carl that is awesome!

  3. What great idea, Carl! And brilliantly executed - I love the shots looking into the reactor on fire. Congratulations on achieving that perspective and a fantastic model and base as well!

  4. Chilling.

    Excellent work.

  5. Quite a nice diorama of one of mankind's most horrible blunders.

  6. That's a great model, Carl.
    You did an excellent job on this.
    Brings a lot of not so good memories, the heroism of personnel that knew where they were going to included (not all of them knew the devastating threat, but a many of them knew...).

  7. Thank you for sharing something a bit different, and no less important! @carlpud

  8. Definitely different, nicely done.

  9. This really cool Carl. I love atypical subjects like this. Very nice work!



  10. Hello Carl,
    Interesting subject and very well excecuted.
    ICM and "Russian"trucks are hot items.
    Regards, Dirk

  11. Hi great piece of work. Can I ask what colours you used and how you made the graphite blocks - thats cool detail!

  12. Thank you Louis. Did you mean the broken concrete? The couple of graphite blocks that are the almost black colour actually come with the kit. For the concrete. I just poured plaster of paris into a plastic container and mixed it with some Tamiya light grey (can't recall which one exactly) then just cracked it into pieces. Once the main bits were placed I just roughly brushed more PVA glue to the base and sprinkled all the small plaster of paris crumbs over the rest of the base.

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