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July 21, 2020 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.2K

Ten year's ago this month I built this big beautiful bomber. The kit had the "Yellow and Green" wing decals but I painted them on which eliminate any silvering that the decals would give off. I have used ordinary masking tape like this blue colored tape that I get at our local "Walmart" store in Cortez, Colorado. Their ordinary tape can be found in their house paint. department in Cortez and also in IRVINE, CALIFORNIA. You should be able to find this type of tape in any country that sells house paint...or buy it on the net. As to price...I have forgotten it.

The tape did not pull off any of the Titanium Silver paint.

This was a real fun model to build. Later on in life I built a bigger scale "24."

Enjoy! RJW

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  1. That's some paint scheme! Nice work.

  2. My eyes water just thinking about working in 144th scale! Hats off to you Rodney, nice job.

  3. Beautiful job and beautiful scheme, Rodney.
    An imposing bird even in 1/144!

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice clean work on this model Rodney, even more when one considers the scale.

  5. Looking at this "24" in its' scale of 144th I should have taken a photo of it beside a 12" ruler. This would have given the viewer like you and me the size of it. Too late to do it now; 'cause my hands shake so bad that I quit taking photos in 2016.

    I could fine the model in one of these 90 boxes, then get one of my grandkids to get the model out and photograph it. No thank you! Sorry guy's. BUT<BUT<AND ANOTHER can look at the model on the blue colored mat.

    The white lines are 1" (one Inch) apart) ...go measure.

  6. I built this exact same kit also about ten years ago when I first decided to get back into the hobby, mine was rubbish...
    Well done.

    • NEIL: If you still have it, take it apart like I did with an old 1/48 scale P-40E and rebuild it.

      Back then models were put together with "tube glue" and all you do is tap them a couple of times with your finger and the seams will pop open. I did this on a couple of my old models. (1/72 DC-3/C-47 etc)

      going to breakfast & morning tv programs.

  7. No , it went to the big breakers yard in the sky a long time ago, I have done partial breakdowns though with good results , it's surprising what a fresh coat of paint and some new decals can achieve.

  8. I have almost 300 models here @home, so when I'm gone, the family most likely will toss them to the big sky yard as we don't own a home and they would need to build in a model case in one of the rooms.

    Too bad that no "model museum" was ever established! Some airplane museum's would take some of the airplane but not my tanks, car's etc.

    Hey! I had fun building them and going to club contest etc; so what more can I say!

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