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1/48 Airfix Hawker Sea Fury

August 9, 2020 · in Aviation · · 30 Comments

805 Sqn Royal Australian Navy (RAN) , Nowra NSW Australia. Flown by Lieutenant John Bluett, who shot down an unmanned Auster J/4 Archer over Broken Bay, August 30th, 1955.
Tbh, compared to other releases, this one's a little harder fit wise around the cowling. The decals are very thin and flimsy but once on, went down beautifully. Worth taking the extra care when applying.
Thanks for looking. Stay safe everyone.
Paul in Australia

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30 responses

  1. Great job on one of the best looking piston aircraft of all time!

  2. Sweet build. Even better it is an Aussie airframe.

  3. Nice work there Paul. You're right it's a little "iffy" here and there, but as you demonstrate, a great result can be had.

  4. Cool model! Love the sky color.
    What do you mean, “...shot down an unmanned Auster.. over Broken Bay?”

  5. That's a great job, Paul.
    Nice cockpit shots!
    I can also see that Airfix did a fine job, miles ahead of the Hobbycraft kit that I've built long ago.

  6. Your Sea Fury looks fantastic. Airfix decals can be irritating if you don't know how to deal with them the best way, thin and nice though. Red Roo decals used?

    Regarding the runaway Auster incident, there was one similar incident in Sweden many years ago involving an Australian made Jindivik drone. It was hit by a Falcon missile who took off the stearing signals antennae. The drone kept flying though and passed into Norwegian aerospace. Some RNoAF fighter was assigned to bring it down but the Jindivik dissapeared over the North Atlantic before it could be shot down.

  7. I was going to say, what did the poor Auster pilot do to deserve that?

  8. Thank you allfor your comments. ?✌

  9. Well done Paul, she looks great

  10. Can't see any fit problems, Paul (@paulwoodyvanacker), it looks great. The cockpit came out very nice. I have been watching a TV series on an Australian Navy frigate that has really stoked my fires for building some Australian subjects. Thanks for sharing a great build.

  11. Nicely done! Great color scheme.

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    said on August 9, 2020

    Very nice, a two seater fury crashed at duxford a few days back.

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Paul, this is a magnificent build of a Sea Fury.
    Nice work on the cockpit, overall a very clean and sharp looking build, thanks for sharing the images.

  14. Good lookin' Sea Fury! Such a meaty looking aircraft.

  15. Hello Paul,
    Job well done. Nice and clean, ready for the next tasking. Thanks for your honesty, regarding the construction. This could help future "Fury" builders stay on the right track. Personally, I get as much possible info, before I start building. Like weak decals.
    Regards, Dirk

  16. Nice looking Fury. Great interior. Is this Airfix's FB.II issue or the Export one? Looking to add one to the stash, looks like a great kit.

  17. A very impressive build, Paul.
    The cockpit detailing is very nice.

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