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My client wants to know if I can convert a scale World War -II P-51D back to a P-51B? He offered lots of American Dollar Bills, so I said yes, yes, yes!

I had a faint idea as to what I was getting myself into when I said yes, but the $$$$ said "Go For It Rodney."

He sent me a written detailed list as to what he wanted in and on his model, like real looking hand made landing gear struts, tires, gear doors and of course wheel wells that would be detailed out like they were on the real airplane. He was asking for things to be built that I didn't have much experience in, thus this became a real learning experience for me.

The enclosed photos were taken with my Minolta 35mm camera and I sent prints to the client for approval. Of course this was before the invention of the web and digital technology. Good thing I saved a set of photos, 'cause once I got into using a computer with a scanner and printer, the rest is history.

Enjoy my first story and then wait for "Part Two" to show up.

Rodney...out in California,USA...

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Looks like you were having lots of fub doing that B model. Awsome job.

  2. Amazing detail work Rodney, looking forward to part two.

  3. Talking about constructing REAL plane parts in 1/24!
    This is amazing work, Rodney!

  4. I got a few dozen photos that I put into what we call a "Folder" on this Apple p.c. of our's not long ago. So when I want a photo I just grab the recorded "DVD/CD" that has the written data on its' cover and put it into this Apple, then everything comes up on the 21" wide screen. I just open the folder and select what I want for a story and put the images in a new folder and go for it.

    This is easy for me to do as 50 years ago I use to write what we called "Shooting and Narration Scrips," when I use to work in making motion picture films. Now it's time for me to go to my master folder and select more photos for Part Two.

    BY 4 NOW...Rodney

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