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Alfa 8C Monza 1/12 Scale Post Race

Hi friends. Here is my latest build, the Itaileri 1/12 scale Alfa Romeo 8C Monza. This is a fiddly kit to say the least, I really don’t understand the use of tiny screws and bolts on a plastic kit but what do I know lol. This is definitely an older kit judging by the molds although they do throw in some photo etched which adds a little to update it. I always enjoy the weathering of race cars, so I cut loose on this one to give it a true post race look.

Spent about 70 hours on this one. Scratch built the floorpan, scratch built the seat and tattered covering, created metal bezels for the dash, wrapped the steering wheel, and hand stenciled the numbers.
I hope you enjoy!

35 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to Alfa 8C Monza 1/12 Scale Post Race

  1. Love the grime! This is way before carbon fibre and plastics on a racer.

  2. Very smart and as for the screws they could at least pack a few spare instead of too few to complete the kit as in my case Very annoying on a premium priced kit. I got some from ebay always quicker than waiting on spares department. But like i said a great looking car and a very nice build.

  3. Rick….AWEsome build. And your level of realism is out-of-sight. Special. All good. One more word……INCREDIBLE.

  4. Gotta agree! That’s a fantastic looking build, and worth the time input. I love the weathering, in particular the worn off paint, the steering wheel wrap, and the patched up seat. Also, just love the detail on the kit, eg the linkages and levers. Thanks for building and sharing! πŸ™‚

  5. Great weathering and detail work.

  6. The level of realism in the detailing is just superb. This is one of the best race car models I’ve ever seen. I love it!

  7. This is a wonderful build, Rick @rickschad, of an obviously very difficult kit.
    I loved watching at all those small details that you took after in such excellency: the engine details, the chassis with all those subcomponents, the steering wheel, the seat…the list can go on and on. Everything is meticulously built and painted. Together with the fantastic weathering, it looks “real”.
    Congratulations, my friend!

  8. Thank you Spiros! Weathering is the fun part and I went all out on this one πŸ™‚

  9. Great build Rick! I love the weathered look on race cars. There are too many shiny pre-race F1 cars these days that look the same after the race as they did before it. You did an exceptional job!

  10. Thanks Dion! I try to capture the feeling of the race as much as the physical car, its the weathering that tells the story!

  11. Great result on a difficult kit

  12. I Love this build! Never mind that it looks real enough to push the starter and hop on the track. The details are so good. Just perfect all the way around. Can’t say enough about the details and paint. Awesome work.

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