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I am a life long artist, designer and former Hasbro toy designer from Rhode Island. I build models professionally and I build just about anything! Modeling is my passion!

You can follow me for daily model updates on TikTok where I am known as "The Pope of Plastic".

HIMARS 1/35 scale by Trumpeter

What a pain in the butt this kit was! Trumpeter 1/35 scale HIMARS with a whopping 750 parts! Great molding and detail, typical crappy Trumpeter instructions. Get ready for tons of tiny parts, many that will leave you scratching your [...]

Tamiya 1/48 scale BF109

Well here’s another kit! The Tamiya 1/48 scale Bf 109, probably the best Tamiya 1/48 scale kit going. Not much to say except it builds incredibly well!

1/32 scale Dauntless kit by Trumpeter

Here we have my 8th build of the year, the 1/32 scale SBD3 Dauntless by Trumpeter. Molding is exceptional, body and cowl are clear plastic for some reason, which I find useless. The instructions are typical Trumpeter, filled with mystery [...]

My 34 builds in 2023!

Holy cow what a year for model builds! I hit a grand total of 34 models for customers this year! The two biggest challenges were the six 1/32 scale Harriers and the 1/48 scale B-29 in actual aluminum panels. What does 2024 have in store [...]

T-34 in 1/16 scale kit by Trumpeter

Well this was a doozy. The big 1/16 scale T-34 by Trumpeter, full detail inside in out. This build took me exactly 20 days working 7 days a week. This is a good kit, with the typical sketchy directions from Trumpeter, but mold and fit is [...]

My 30th model of the year!

Here is my 30th model of the year the 1/48 scale Tamiya Army Air Corps fuel truck. These 1/48 scale Tamiya armor kits are terrific builds that you can build fairly quickly. Zero fit issues and easy to follow instructions, great for the [...]

1966 Ford F-150 Custom Cab

Here’s another one for you guys. 1/25th scale Moibeus Ford F-150 built for a customer to look like his father’s farm truck. This build took around 30 hours. Enjoy!

B-29 1/48 scale full metal skin

Well after 275 hours of building this B-29 is complete, minus the livery which arrives soon. Each individual panel is painstakingly done in aluminum. This is my fourth all metal skin build, and by far my most ambitious! If I never see [...]

Build update on 6 1/32 scale AV8BII Harriers commission build for the USMC Blacksheeps

Whew! This is a hell of a project, one that can drive you nuts, especially if the kit is sub par. The way I am tackling it is by doing each section completely for one aircraft and I figure out any issues during assembly of that step. Once [...]

AV8BII Harrier 1/32 scale build x 6 update.

Hi All, A quick update on the 6 Harriers that I am building for the USMC Blacksheep Squadron for the 80th Anniversary. I am now onto the engines, I completed one as a test so the other 5 would go smoothly and this approach seems to work [...]