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I am a freshman in high school. My model building interest started in the summer before my 8th grade year. I originally started by building only ships but branched out to tanks and aircraft. I have always been very interested in history, particularly 20th century conflict, but my best subject is actually math. A couple of my relatives served in WWII and Vietnam and were involved with a few more ancient wars.

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Visit to the Colorado aviation museum

A couple days ago a friend (Eric) and I went to go see the Colorado Museum of WWII Aviation, which also had things from other wars. This has inspired me to build more planes in the future.


After I messed up on the wing constitution, I decided to add some heavy weathering to the plane to try to cover up some of the extensive amount of super glue that I used.

British Fury

I wanted to build a 1/48 scale tank and I chose a Churchill Crocodile for the project. I also wanted to see if I can hand paint small letters so I decided to put Fury on the barrel. The accessories are from miniart.

Model Unboxing

Eric Gieske and I got together a few days ago and we both made a model unboxing video for out channel: History Bros ( I don't really have a lot of time to build models now since I am taking all honors and AP classes where possible and a few extr[...]


This was my fastest build so far. It took me about 5 hours to build. It is also my first 1/72 scale tank.

My Pacific War builds

Thank you to Michael Woodgate for the good idea to post Pacific War builds. 1.) 1/48 p38 Lightening 2.) 1/700 USS Colorado 3.) 1/350 fm2 Wildcat 4.) USS West Virginia 5.) USS Baltimore 6.) J2m Jack 7.) IJN Suzuya Earlier today when I told my[...]


I made this a while ago put forgot to post it. Since I only had wood at the time, it was used for the base and the details. Both the Sherman and Anti tank gun are from Tamiya.

USS West Virginia

Ever since I got the USS West Virginia in World of Warships, I have really wanted to build a model of it. There were some fitting issues with the kit but it was a pretty fun build. The entire thing is painted with one paintbrush. This is my seco[...]

P-38 Lightening

This is one of my first aircraft models. A couple weeks ago I was looking around on Imodler and decided that I wanted to build an aircraft. I chose the P-38 because it is my favorite WW2 plane. I originally thought I would have problems with the[...]

Tiger I

I got this Tiger a while ago as a gift. Since most of my other armored vehicles are painted in one color such as grey or green, I wanted to try something new. Originally I had a camouflage template for the tank but I ended up coming up with my o[...]
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