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Tamiya G4M1 ‘Betty’ & A6M3 ‘Hamp’ 1/48, Operation Vengeance Collection

I like to think I know a fair bit about WW2 aviation, but I didn't expect how massive the G4M1 was until the box arrived in the post. At a wingspan of 41.6cm, and a fuselage length of 51.8cm, this model dwarfs anything else I've made and [...]

PTO Models

Here are some but not all of my PTO models. My main interest from WW2 was the PTO so I have built a number of them. 1/700 Academy USS Enterprise 1/48 Hasegawa Air-A-Cutie P-39D 1/72 Airfix B-25B Doolittle Raider Hari Kari-er 1/48 Tamiya [...]

My Pacific War builds

Thank you to Michael Woodgate for the good idea to post Pacific War builds. 1.) 1/48 p38 Lightening 2.) 1/700 USS Colorado 3.) 1/350 fm2 Wildcat 4.) USS West Virginia 5.) USS Baltimore 6.) J2m Jack 7.) IJN Suzuya Earlier today when I told [...]

Following up Michael Woodgate’s good idea VJ Day 75

Some of my models from the Pacific War: Erik Shilling's AVG P-40, flown on the first Allied offensive mission of the war, December 10, 1941, to photograph JAAF at Bangkok. P-40E "Tarheel," 2nd Lt George Preddy, 49th Fighter [...]

Leyte Gulf; the Orphans of the USS Princeton.

This is my first attempt at a diorama and it's been a steep learning curve. I wanted to create a scene that captured something of the spirit of the carrier groups that fought so bravely such a long way from home in the Pacific. The 'Work [...]

Tribute to the Princeton and the men and Hellcats of VF 27

The USS Princeton (CVL-23) was lost on October 24th, 1944 at the battle of Leyte Gulf, after a single bomb hit the aft elevator and several 'locked and loaded' Avengers. Eight F6F's from Fighting 27 were on patrol and engaged around 80 [...]