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September 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 6 Comments

I built this model right out of the box back in October, 2015. My photo's tells me that I had no building problems and there was next to no flashing on the parts of this kit. The kit's clear windows fit was next to perfect including the cockpit. I forgot to take a close up photo of the cockpit before I closed up the model. The black and white, plus the light blue paints were . I used the kit decals. The snow base is from some hobby-shop and I don't remember who's brand it was, but it looked like real snow for this model.

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6 responses

  1. That's fantastic job, Rodney!
    Aren't the new tool 1/144 Revells amazing?

  2. Superb build, Rodney.
    Hard to believe this is just 1/144.
    The scheme is perfect.

  3. Hi Spiros & John:

    That was a real easy model to build, and I 'm glad that I had some more model snow to use. The model has been in one of my 90+ storage boxes since we moved from Colorado to "SMOG'SVILLE, USA. (Irvine, California)". Before all the fire smoke came around the air here looked clean...SURPRISE !... AFTER A FEW WEEK's HERE...I noticed that there seemed to be a light coat of black dust on the top of my white plastic boxes, (model cases). I wiped off a 3" long section, then in less than a week, that clean area was covered again with that damn black dust.

    Wit a bit of investigation, that black dust come's from auto/truck exhaust pipes and we live within 1/2 mile of an interstate freeway. My lung's must be black inside and we are 3/4 mile away from the famous "John Wayne International Airport."

    I should be dead by now, but I'm going to post another model or two before I go!

  4. The web sit say's that this ski-plane is my 150th model story posted.

    Gee-golly-whiz... I still got 175 models to post...

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