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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4, 1/48 Eduard 82114

This is my third build of Eduards 109. I built the OOB except for the control colomn from CMK.

I chose this particular color scheme because it was quite unusual. The aircraft was flown by Hans Döbrich, 6./JG 5 from Petsamo, Finland, September 1942.

In the second half of 1942 , II./JG 5 was equipped with Friedrichs destined for tropical service. The desert camouflage colors consisting of 79/78 were applied at the factory. To help protect the 109F's in the northern environment, the Feldflugpark in Pori added RLM 74/70 (or RLM 75/71) to the fuselage and wings. There is some blotches of RLM 74 on the lower part of the fuselage and a new master compass access panel painted in RLM 02.

The paint job started with a grey primer and a pre shade in black. I prefer Xtracolor for the RLM-colours. When I had applied the RLM 79/78 and RLM 74/70, I sprayed it with Mr. Hobby Gloss Coat before application of the decals. Finally another gloss coat, Flory Wash and Pigments and Xtracrylics Satin Coat.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I believe that this model would look very nice so can you add some pictures?

  2. Sorry, saved the article before the pics were added...

  3. Very nice rendition of that sort of field applied camouflage using factory painted RLM 79/78 109s in the eastern front. I particularly like the wing formation lights. Made from clear sprue ?

    • Thank you for the kind words Pedro @holzhamer. Yes it is made of clear spruce, sanded to fit the wing. A hole drilled from the backside is filled with clear red or green. When they are fixed to the wing as seen bellow, I sand them to fit the shape of the wing. I have learned the technique by my good friend Erik @airbum. Pretty easy, cheap and convincing...

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. Really nice paint work on this 109, Klavs (@klavs1972). Great paint scheme.

  5. Very nice work here and a great result.

  6. Had the pleasure of seeing this in "real life" (the model that is) I can only say that it is a really nice build! The choice of color is a great call, very interesting mix. Well done my friend - and great pictures too! (nice touch with the replacement mastercompass lid)

  7. Looks great - very colorful scheme. Well done.

  8. Nice looking 109, Klavs.
    Really like the scheme you applied.

  9. Thank you for the kind words fellows. I appreciate you like the colour scheme as I do.

  10. That's an excellent build, Klavs @klavs1972!
    I liked a lot the mini hole filled with clear paint for the wingtip lights. It looks so convincing indeed! (no surprises, of course, as it is our friend's @airbum trick!).
    The camo looks fantastic!

  11. Great work.
    I intend to do a similar scheme one day, but with RLM 75 instead of RLM 74 (a JG 3 bird).
    The low contrast between the RLM 74 and RLM 70 is just discernible in the photos.
    I've used the clear sprue trick a few times myself.

  12. Very good building and painting of a striking scheme.

  13. Great work Klavs. I'm a bit late with my comments, but that doesn't stop my being impressed with your build. I'm about to do the same kit & your model will be a great help. I've seen similar colour schemes before, but never both sides, so many thanks for posting!

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