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F-14a vf-154 ”black knights”

Beatiful aircraft but in 1/48 they are a lot better easier model kit than hasegawa.
Especially in the wheel bays many fit issues and generaly needs a lot of work and putty.
The aircraft painted it with Gunze colors and Winsor varnish.
The friend who asked me to build this for him he liked it not much dirty and with open wings.
Thank you very much for watching.

45 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses to F-14a vf-154 ”black knights”

  1. You did a wonderful job with your Tomcat, Διονύση @dennis35gr!
    It is not an easy kit, I’ve built it in the past (at my beloved -yes, I know I am predictable ….- Jolly Rogers scheme), so I know.
    Your final result is spectacular, down to every detail, painting and weathering definitely included.
    P.S. I also love the Tomcat with extended wings, as well as the Tornado, but not the B-1 (go figure…)

  2. Terrific Tomcat! With just enough weathering.

  3. BKR!!! I was with them in CAG 5 on Indy in Japan, I was in VAW 115. I dodged many a Black Knight Tomcat in my 4 years there! Well done, and yes the weathering is awesome!

  4. You certainly did an excellent job of overwhelming and taming this kit. Great result, a very realistic look.

  5. I know how difficult this kit can be to build. Excellent work on a difficult kit.

    Hope your friend enjoys it.

  6. Very realistic looking Tomcat especially considering how fiddly and frustrating this kit is.

  7. Great job all round.

  8. A fantastic finish of this Tomcat, Dionysios.
    That cockpit has some much detail.

  9. Very fantastic results. I love the display base for its dual purpose, and appreciate all of the in-process photos that you provided. Makes me want to break out my 1/48 F-14. Your details and painting are right on target.

  10. Beauty Cat. I currently building a tamiya Tomcat, so this is stake in the ground to the level I need to achieve. Keep building.

  11. That’s a great-looking Tomcat! Nice build.

  12. Nice job! F-14 from Hasegawa, only in 1:72 😀
    Congratulations, hope your friend liked it

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