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Lavochkin La-5 KP models 1/72 captain Kostylev

November 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.1K

Hi all

one more finished last days. Russian fighter of Hero of the Soviet Union G. Kostylev.

New mold from KP, much better than old one but still require lot of attention during work especially around front of fuselage (which i did not managed god enough), but in general big improvement over the previous model.
I finished it in (for me) , most interesting and unusual version for soviet planes, in mix of AMT11 and 12 upper parts, and big mounts on front of the engine.

It was written that pilot Captain Kostylev, of the 3rd Guards Fighter Regiment, Leningrad, flew on that plane in 1945. According history facts, he flew this plane, but maybe once on an exhibition-honorary flight. Namely, on that occasion, his colleagues gave him this already obsolete plane specially painted for the occasion and cameras, and after delivery it ended up in the museum. Kostylev did not have a single combat flight on it. This is general how machine is presented in the museum, so minimal weathering on the model.

Thank you for looking and
Best regards to all

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  1. I like your result a lot, Djordje!
    It is very nicely built and painted, especially the monster mouth!
    Considering it's only 1/72, you've done an excellent job.
    Interesting story about it, as well!
    Only one flight from the Ace!
    Ahhh, the KP kits...I remember building the KP Mig-19 in...1979, I think...
    I did a lousy job, but I remember I was hooked by it!
    Looked really exotic!
    Thnks for sharing this, thanks for bringing up that memorie...

  2. Very cool scheme, and reading the story makes sense how it came about. Nicely done in my favorite scale!

  3. Nice build of a brutish and purposeful looking aircraft. One of my favorite Soviet Great Patriotic War fighters. Great back story too!

  4. That's clearly a big mouth.
    Fantastic build with a great scheme, Djordje.

  5. Looks great! Love the scheme, it would scare me out of the sky.

  6. Thank you all on kind words

  7. Nicely done Djordje, what a mouth !

  8. Nice work on this and a really good result.

    The number of "ace planes" that are such because they were a "photo op" is amazing.

    "Marion Carl's Wildcat" was a hangar queen at Espiritu Santo he and a Gunnery Sergeant stuck Japanese flag stickers on so he could sit on the wing of "his" airplane to be interviewed and photographed after VMF-221 came back from Guadalcanal. Up at Henderson, as he said, "you flew the first airplane you got to that worked." Probably the same in the V-VS.

    "Pappy Boyington's Corsair" is similar - stuck a bunch of flag stickers on it (they never had them operationally) so he could sit in it for the press. He never flew Lulubelle even once.

    On the other hand, Ken Walsh actually flew "Ken Walsh's Corsair" during his first tour at Guadalcanal, but after he made ace on the second tour, he got them to photograph him in this airplane because he liked it. It was junked a week later, run out.

  9. Great job, looks great and nice job on the teeth. It gives this a great overall look to it. Plus to me this is a pretty neat looking plane.

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