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On This Day…February 6th

On the night of February 6, 1941, this Wellington Mk.IC (No. RAF L7842) belonging to No. 311 (Czechoslovakian) Squadron RAF flew on a mission to bomb a target in the area of Boulogne, France. During the sortie, the aircraft had to force land ([...]

Some of my first aircraft kits...

Hi! Well, the pics were taken quite a few years ago, and depict some of the then still survivors from my aircraft building "golden age", many, many moons ago (between 35 to 40 years ago!) . All these, and at least as many as these (mainly aircr[...]

Lavochkin La-5 1/72

Set La-5 models 1/72 Prop & Jet drew his preparedness and beauty. Now I can add your opinion about the pros and cons of the set: Good that: Wing given one piece, greatly simplifies the life of the modeler, Beautiful study of surface texture[...]

La-5FN (KP 1/72)

La-5FN was one of the best fighter airplanes of the middle of WWII, and it was a late and the last version of La-5 before La-7. This version has a direct injection of fuel into cylinders for temporary boosting. Many aces flew this type of La-5 [...]

1/48 Zvezda LA-5FN

1/48 Zvezda LA-5FN Piloted by junior Lieutenant Sergey Kramarenko 19th Fighter Regiment, Spring 1944.

Lavochkin LA-5FN 1/48 Eduard

In 1941, to integrate the cumbersome Shvetsov ASh-82 (M-82) engine into the frame of the LaGG-3 to build LA-5 was not a small matter and it costs the life to some Russian test pilots. The new machine required many improvements (cooling, leak f[...]

Zvezda La-5FN 1/48

Dear all, I would like to present one of my works recently. Even the finish was not up to my expectations due to the color is a little bit off, the chipping is incorrect at some panel but overall I'm happy with it. The kit is the La-5 from Zvez[...]

Zvezda 1/48 La-5

The Lavochkin La-5 was developed from the earlier LaGG-1 and LaGG-3 fighters, which had suffered from too-heavy airframes and lack of a suitably-powerful engine. They were among the least popular fighters used by the V-VS during the Great Patri[...]

Eduard La-5 (Zvezda repack) in 1/48

Hi to all, this is my latest build, great Zvezda's La-5 in Eduard's packaging with addition of their PE parts and resin wheels. I have enjoyed every moment building this kit so i cannot recommend it enough. Painted with Vallejo Acrylics, weath[...]