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Mechanical engineer, working in Cybersecurity, started with modeling when we had only plastic and glue, and stayed in love with it till now, more than 50 years.

Dream: to collect and build everything what hit the sky thru the ages, from WW1 to modern times, including prototypes.

Reality: more than 700 models in stash, with some 200 in the display not sure that i will have enough time in my life for my dream

Location: Belgrade, Serbia


John Glenn's F-86F Mig Mad Marine, Academy 1/72

Hi all after a long time of inactivity as a consequence of lot health issues, finally back on track :). Finished Academy F-86 in colours of John Glenn machine from Korea war period. Academy is well known "plastic", good details, [...]

F-16B CAS Viper Italeri 1/72

Another model which stayed few months in finishing phase, finished in last year. Old Italeri, this time in double seat version. I remember , that as a kid, i sow ESCI box with this F-16, and needed almost 40 years to finally have it in my [...]

F-86 F IIAF UN Heller 1/72

Hi to all with best wishes to all for this 2022, first model finished. Very old and well known Heller Sabre. I was not sure that i will do it at all as in stash already waiting Fujimi , Academy and Airfix plastic...but nostalgic reasons [...]

Yugoslav Supersonic ProjectHeller conversion 1:72

The YU Supersonic was the Yugoslav project with name: Novi Avion, related to project of light multi-purpose supersonic fighter aircraft. The program for the New Plane was started in 1986. All works on that program were interrupted with [...]

Zlin Z-526 KP 1:72 Republika Srpska Krajina (Republic of Serbian Krajina)

Hi to all Finished one more KP model, this time ZLIN 526 in colors of Air Force of Republic of Serbian Krajina (1994- 1995). Model was finished without any problem, manual is little "undefined" so there are a few parts which [...]

Finished models in 2020

Although this year has brought a lot of trouble to everyone, so it did not bypass my family either, with a couple of sad moments, thanks to this hobby, somehow a success to maintain "mental balance". I hope that the next one will [...]

Focke Wulf 190 F-8 Yugoslav partisan 1/72 Eduard

Hi all probably the last model finished in this year, Eduard Focke-Wulf 190 F-8 airplane captured by Yugoslav Partisan forces (Yugoslavia 1945). The only remaining examples of the Fw190-F-8 of the two preserved, one is located in the [...]

F-15C Aggressor 1/72 Italeri

Hi all finished one more model from "history line". Old Italeri mold in new livery, can not beat Hasegawa one but i like it a lot, maybe just memories... Not to bother more as model is more than well known, AK Real colors, [...]

A-7D Corsair II Italeri 1/72

Hello everyone, Aside from the Hobby Boss standing in my stash as ultimate mold for A7 in 1/72, I couldn’t help myself, and must finish (if nothing else the one for sentimental reasons) this “old beauty”. With all the [...]

Yak-3 JRV, 116 LAP, Hasegawa 1/72

Hi to all Another Yak from Yugoslav air force finished, this time in standard VVS colors. Well known model from Hasegawa, with all its faults. After trying to correct most of them, filling wrong panel lines, little correcting of wing [...]