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Mechanical engineer, working in Cybersecurity, started with modeling when we had only plastic and glue, and stayed in love with it till now, more than 50 years.

Dream: to collect and build everything what hit the sky thru the ages, from WW1 to modern times, including prototypes.

Reality: more than 700 models in stash, with some 200 in the display cabinet…….so not sure that i will have enough time in my life for my dream

Location: Belgrade, Serbia


Yugoslav partisan Morane Saulnier MS-406 1/72 Heller

Hi all Finally finished this ancient model . About the model itself, which is well known, I will not bother too much, although many things are not as they should be (empty cabin, over sized parts ...), it still looks much better to me than for[...]

Messerschmitt BF109 G-10 JRV Revell 1:72

Hi all, Again, Messerschmitt from Yugoslav history. Bf109 G-10 (Yugoslav registration 9644) "White 44". Originally aircraft was actually a Bf 109G-10/ U4 wk. nr. 610937 captured at Zeltweg Airfield in Austria at the end of the war. It was t[...]

F-4G WW Phantom Italeri 1:72

Hi to all Again very old mold from Italeri, Phantom F-4G WW in 1/72, finished last year. Even very old, i must admit that i enjoyed building it very much. OOB except some added details in cockpit, and used some of weapons from Hasegawa. Colors V[...]

Macchi Mc 200 Revell 1/72

Hello Everyone This project took a little more time than i expected. A very known model from 70's, model I am extremely fond of, because it was the first model which my father made for me and introduced me to this hobby. I decided that I will do[...]

Messerschmitt Me 109 G-10 AZ Model 1:72

Hi to all Finished Messerschmitt in little different livery. Most of the Yugoslav Bf 109G-10/were captured planes at the end of the war, handed over to Bulgaria and finally delivered to Yugoslav Air Force. White 45 was located at Pula airfie[...]