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November 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

Spit Vb trop ,5th FS - 52nd FG- 12thAF- USAAF Corsica ( france) 1943 air era over Italy.
scale models,substantially from the box ,i replaced the workes filter with the piece from the old Airfix mk Vb kit ,and the wheels with the piece from Eduard kit MK IX.
And improved the cockpit a bit with scrathc details .
Painted insigna and letters .
Tamiya and Gunze ACRILIC color.

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13 responses

  1. This is very well done.

  2. Great looking paint work.

  3. Amazing job, Valter.
    Painting and weathering rock!

  4. That rocks Valter! Love the model, love the photography especially!

  5. A striking scheme, and artfully recreated and photographed. All the attention to paint work makes this a build to spend time with.

  6. Very well done. The camo is and finish are excellent.

  7. Great looking model Valter, and the photos are something else.

  8. Love the paint work, and love the photography more. Some of those "effects" make the model look like the real thing! "Liked" (a lot)

  9. Fantastic, Valter.
    Great scheme and a fine job done on painting the markings.
    The way you photographed this Spitfire is awesome.

  10. Like the rest, I love that scheme, and the paint and weathering work is fantastic! I'm going to have to do one that looks like that!

  11. Nice work on an unusual scheme, Valter.

  12. There is a good book out by Tom Ivie and Paul Ludwig titled Spitfires & Yellow Tail Mustangs that has some good black and white photos of the 52nd fighter group. They experimented with several camouflage schemes with some Spitfires having shark mouths painted on and other variations of Valter's build. Bob Hoover was one of the pilots with this out fit. The Mk V Spitfires where hand me down's by the British who kept the Mk IX's for the ETO to better take on the Fw-190's. However, the MTO for the Americans with the Mk V's where up to the task.

    Some strong modeling Valter and its neat to see a Spitfire painted up with some different tail feathers.

    Two thumbs up.

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