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Tamiya 1/72 Corsair

November 28, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Hi everyone! This time I wanted to make another but with less weathering. I chose the one. I spent a while building this last Saturday since I had an online speech and debate tournament. At first, they tried making the tournaments synchronous but that didn't work so last tournament was asynchronous where I recorded my speech ahead of time and sent it in. All I had to do Saturday was stay in the online school meeting and watch for any tournament updates. I built models while waiting. The last picture is my dog Nori who kept an eye on the school meeting for me.

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12 responses

  1. Nori's a cool little pup!

  2. Corsairs and dogs. My favorite. I have 9 of them. But which ones? The corsairs? Dogs? Both? That’s top secret. Unless you asked. Also, I like your Corsair. Nice paint and light weathering!

  3. Good show boy! Good show!

  4. What a nice Corsair, Amari @themturtles! Great weathering!
    And, what a nice use of your "waiting" time!
    Keep it on!

  5. You spend your time very well, Amari.
    That tournament seemed to have motivated you a lot.

  6. Great work for a weekend project. I do the same thing while on some work calls (LOL). Online school can be a drag, but glad to hear you’re doing well with it. Thanks for sharing your Jolly Rogers Corsair. Keep building!

  7. Great looking Corsair!

  8. Nicely weathered and good use of your time, like your dog, too.

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