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November 9, 2020 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2K

Here's my photo taken from my WW-II Scrapbook, that has the white spinner.

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  1. Splendid picture.

  2. A beauty in action.

  3. Nice! notice the anti aircraft position in the background.

    • Hey Guys!

      I guess the German fighter's and bomber's would come over from France and bullet/bomb the hell out of the coastal towns in England.

      • Hitler forbade bombing of Brittain after the BofB. If they would have kept that up for another week they would have smashed all the airfields. They turned on cities instead for avenging a Hampden raid over Berlin, Churchill was smart.
        The only raids over brittain besides anti shipping were intruder And high altitude recce flights and later the baby blitz of Operation steinbock.
        Bad call on their part and lucky for us.

  4. Super plane. The Belgian Air Force received a Typhoon for static training after WW2.
    It got donated by the RAF to display in the museum in Brussels. Some bureaucrat countered or and it got scrapped. I saw so many valuable artefacts destroyed in my youth that it made me want to cry. Ultimately that why I left for the US where these things are valued.

  5. Bernie:

    I road in a Greyhound Bus from Akron, Ohio to Los Angeles, California in 1947. After the bus got on Route 66 in St Louis, MO; then out to Arizona we road for miles and on both sides of the road were wrecked P-38 WW-II fighters. There must have been 1,000's of them. Companies came and hauled them away to their smelters and melter them down and sold the aluminum blocks of metal.

  6. I talked to a veteran pilot that trained in 1945 on P-51 Mustangs in the California desert. When news came of the ultimate victory , VJ Day. The planes were promptly scrapped from registry and hauled to a canyon where they were smashed up.

    He never fired a shot but called the Mustang a real hot rod.

    Makes you wonder if there are any of the wrecks remaining in that canyon.

    Like the Brits thought there were Spitfires buried in Burma.

    1947 ! Those were golden years to be in Southern California.

    The good old days.

  7. I'm too old to walk without a cane, so it's up to you to go to that canyon and take a look, as it's on old route #66. I'm sure there are photo still out there of the place.

  8. Hi Rodney. They would be in a military reservation now. Lots of canyons later one would probably find very little.

    I found plane wrecks back packing on a few occasions. There is a B-17 Wreck on Mt. Tamalapais..

    The best Wreck story I have was of a metal recycler in the 60ies. in Belgium that had piles of Hawker Hunters right next to the road. It was an attraction with anyone driving by rubber necking. One day we rode out bicycles out there and the owner let us climb around. I salvaged a plaque of an ejections seat. He maintained the planes were American I said British . He did not believe that. Needless to say after More than 20 years of that pile, t was eventually sold of for the aluminium.

    People were easy going and trusted people. Try climbing wreck now..

  9. I recall of a F4U-4 Corsair crashing in Nimisila lake near Akron, Ohio during WW-II. The pilot was not hurt. The plane was made at the nearby Goodyear factory, so a bunch of workers went out and recovered the plane. There was nothing left for the local people to gather up. I would assume that GAC had a photographer to take photos and maybe they posted a photo in our city's. newspaper.

  10. Hi Rodney.
    I tried to send you a private message asking a skill question for painting.
    It doesn’t go through.
    Meanwhile planes are better in the air. Sometimes they come down before they are ready to land
    Here’s 2 photos of how many went down over Belgium between 1940 and 45.
    Frightening in that this is only over one country, with 80K of the Luftwaffe alone being lost over Europe. Ask my fishermen friends how many nets they lost snagging wrecks of the coast near oostende Belgium !

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