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Checkers anyone? Eduard new Fw190 A-6

December 22, 2020 · in Aviation · · 31 · 2.6K

After a small WIP published on the general contents section, here is the complete model of 's new 190, this time the A-6 version

The reason behind starting a build blog was because I felt a portion of people have not yet tried this newer moulds, probably because the old ones were a pain to build unless every single panel was left open. In fact this kit is the exact opposite of that philosophy, simple engineering approach, very good fit and the best surface details in this scale ().

Other than that, I bought the kit when it came out, late summer, and after prolonged thinking about what to build (that included turning this into the A-7 sturmbock version because all is within the box, bar the appropriate decals, to build this late version also) I finally surrendered to the charm of painting a whole checkerboard nose.

I replaced the wheels and the guns came from Master, though the plastic options in the box are equally nice.

Besides the black&white squares I also masked the wing walk demarcation lines. All the rest is decals, all from the kit or from other 190 surplus sheets (also from Eduard). These new kits come with new homemade decal sheets, that are not as user friendly as their older decals (all those that come in kits up to 2020).

This A-6 is my fourth 190 build from their line (got an A-4; A-6 and an A-8 also, all posted here at iModeler).

Hope you like it!

Thank you

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  1. Wow! What a great great job, you could almost hear the cough and Brapp of the exhaust as it starts up. Excellent photos.

  2. I love checkers! Great work all around on this Pedro. These checker cowl 190's are some of the most attractive "A" model schemes. I did one some years back using the Hasegawa kit.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thank you Dale, that’s a gorgeous addition to the Wurger checker clan. You now, I contemplated building that same plane, Rot 3, but the pilot’s personal insignia, his terrier dog, got the upper hand

  3. It looks great! Nice work!

  4. Pedro,
    This is some magnificent work on display right here my friend ! I have been watching this one every step of the way. You finally convinced me to go over to the “dark side”, and now I have purchased some of the Eduard new tool 190 and 109 kits in 1/48 scale. In the future I have plans to start a Luftwaffe group build, but first I’m going to wait until after several other group builds run the course. When the Luftwaffe group build is started, I am asking for some assistance from you and Erik, as you guys are the most knowledgeable personalities on Imodeler about the subject. If you are willing and able to help with this endeavor, I would really appreciate that.

    When this Luftwaffe group build gets started, you can bet I’ll be building up a few of these planes ! Thank you very much for starting the work in progress journal on this model. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and have learned quite a bit too.

    You have definitely been busy and worked your magic with it. I think that it was a good decision to paint the checkers on the nose. It looks magnificent, much better than a decal would have looked, and I pressed the liked button too.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Stay safe my friend.

    • Thank you Louis, and you know you can always count with me for stirring any GB, even more a Luftwaffe themed one... I can see the Flying Pencil on the tarmac right now!
      Have a Merry Xmas too my friend

  5. VERY good...from the hands of a skilled modeler. A beauty.

  6. You did an outstanding job, Pedro.
    I'm glad that I followed your thread and was able to see all the detailing on this build.
    Besides the detailing, paintjob and weathering is also a work of art.

  7. I complimented your WIP Pedro, and this result is just super. Great work and a beautiful result.

    And you're right - these are the best Fw-190s out there.

  8. Let me echo all above gents coments, Pedro @holzhamer! This was an amazing build and an equally amazing thread! I liked a lot the painted Checkers!
    Well done!

  9. It was a real pleasure to see you tackle this one Pedro (@holzhamer), not least the checkers. Well done!

  10. Looks nice! Good job with masking and airbrush!

  11. Pedro, this is stunning - a masking masterclass! That aside the paint job on the camo and the weathering is absolutely outstanding. I think I know where my contribution to the Eduard fire recovery will be going! I have some of their older Anton kits and I think I have the Tamiya A4 sitting in the cupboard too. I reckon an 'early' might be on the list based on your inspiration!

  12. Thank you Paul! An early A version of the 190 is a great choice, I’m sure you will find it fun and serious to build, because anyone can get great results from these kits

  13. Superb finish Pedro! Your airbrushing skills are master class!

  14. Beautiful build Pedro! One of my favorite Wurger paint schemes.

  15. Hi Pedro,

    That’s strange this is my next build. On opening the box I knew this would be a great model to build. So many lovely details on the wings and Fuselage. What a great kit. Yours is extremely fantastic. Such a good looking plane. Well done. Love it. I do believe they deleted the checker board design as to some confusion by German ground crews when they spotted the p-47 thunder bolts with the same ish designs on the cowlings. Resulting in a few p-47 not being fired upon. Great job again Pedro as always.

    • Hey Glen, thanks for the feedback. I’m hoping to see yours built and presented here soon!
      And yes, it seems one of the JG/1 bases was strafed by a P-47D squadron unopposed, all because the Flak gunners mistook them for approaching 190s of the local gruppen since their cowls were also checkerboard painted

  16. That is really gorgeous, and the paint work (checkers included) is simply fantastic! Well done.

  17. That's an aesthetically pleasing paint job. The large-square black and white checkerboard wrapped around a big radial works well with the 190's colors and camo.

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