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Eduard, 1/48, Mig19PM

December 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 35 · 3.6K

Hi guys,
Here is my , , Mig19PM.
Actually, this is a kit that was repacked by Eduard with some additions like: PE and resin parts.
The result: an EXCELLENT kit and highly recommended.

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  1. Looks terrific as usual Allon! A rather worn machine very well captured by your skills.
    I never saw NMF with that effect, like chipping, that you reproduce on the tail. Can you explain What caused that?

    • Thank you, Pedro! @holzhamer
      I'm happy you liked it ☺
      That chipping effect on the tail was done like on other parts of the model. but I think the reason it looks a bit different is because I put an extra amount of chipping fluid on the tail - by mistake...

  2. That finish is stunning!

  3. A superb build, Allon.
    That weathering is awesome.

  4. Thats one well-worn jet. What a visual treat, such great results. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is beautiful work and truly inspiring. I also have this kit in my stash. Any pitfalls to look out for?

  6. A beautiful "workhorse" of an aircraft! I haven't seen NMF weathered so thoroughly very often - looks very cool. Nicely done.

  7. Absolute Stunner!

  8. This is yet another one of your amazing builds, Allon!
    I have seen many models sporting spectacular heavy weathering. As nice as they are, fewer of them look "absolutely real", like your build, and not a tad on the "enhanced" side.
    Congratulations, my friend, this is a jewel I cannot stop looking at.

  9. This heavy weathering is absolutely convincing. The result is terrific. Bravo!

  10. That thing looks so clapped-out, only a very brave - or very stupid - pilot would climb in! Excellent "distressed metal" look and great work overall.

  11. Fantastic weathering

  12. Great finish on this ?

  13. Hi Allon, looks great. Love the well used look. Looks like it’s seen some proper action. Very cool.

  14. That is a simply beautiful build. I love the paint work, and weathering. I wish I could come close to that kind of finish work.

  15. outstanding! would love more info on your weathering techniques

    • Thnx, Richard @rbungay!
      This time I used chipping technique in reverse. After the model was painted and weathered ( decals, washes, oils etc.) I sprayed a layer of glossy varnish, a layer of chipping fluid and a layer of acrylic gun metal color. And only then I made the chipping effect, using tap water and small, soft brush.

  16. Brilliant work on this model, Allon, lots of extra details and fantastic finish. My favourite chipping fluid is malt vinegar, together with salt, and fish of course. Merry Christmas.

  17. That's the full encyclopedia of paint effects on one craft! Very impressive, and the excellent photography make it possible to admire your skills in detail.

  18. Allon, what a brilliant build! Congratulations!

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