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South African Nationals 2018: Aircraft

April 2, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 24 · 2.7K
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These aircraft were just some of the many models entered in the - 1/32 scale classes. My Westland Wyvern 1/48 Trumpeter was awarded the best in show for 1/48 scale and my Huey Hog Gunship Academy MRC for Rotorcraft. Jets best in show 1/48 was awarded to the F 14 Tomcat in the colours of the "Swordsmen". The 1/32 Trumpeter EE Lightning ,in the colours of the "Firebirds," was awarded best in show for Jets 1/32 scale. The 1/72 best in show went to the Academy 1/72 F4U Corsair. Marc Barris won the 1/32 scale Prop class with his outstanding Gloster Gladiator, which I am sure he will post on Imodeler.

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  1. Wow! More great photos!
    Thanks again for sharing. I'd love to have been there.

    • Jeff the next NATS is in September 2019 in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It would be an honour to have some of our Imodeler friends in attendance! South Africa is not an expensive destination to visit.

  2. Congrats Morne! Thanks for sharing, some great talent there! I liked this F100 a lot!

  3. Aircraft a strong category here as elsewhere. Some excellent models.

    • As to be expected Rob, it was not easy to pick a winner amongst the entries in the aircraft category but I think the judges were fair in their selection for category winners overall.

  4. Well done (and deserved) on your entries, my friend. Hard to pick "winners" outta that bunch for sure.

    • Thanks Craig. I will post better photos of the Wyvern later. I started the Wyvern back in 2016 and shelved it after doing a lot of scratchbuilding on the kit and took some 3 months in the end to finish her in time for our Nationals. The Huey gunship that won the rotorcraft category I have posted on Imodeler before.

  5. WOW, really some of the best models. Really motivates me to push my modelling limits!

    • Hi Paul. I think any scale model competition or online forum like Imodeler serves the purpose not just to showcase talent but also to motivate each modeler to improve. My talent as a modeler has grown significantly due to a forum such as Imodeler.

  6. Great work on the Wyvern, and congrats. Both of the Swordmen F-14's were nice, but I love that F-100.

  7. Hi Robert. I concur with you on the F 100. The weathering and finish on that Hun was beyond superb. However, according to the judges both Tomcats got 1st and 2nd place and the F4B Phantom from VF 111 came 3rd. My own SAAB Draken and F 104 Starfighter claimed 4th and 5th places respectively. The latter models are on my blog at Imodeler.

  8. Congrats - and great pics! Yep - get more of the Wyvern posted, so I can replicate in 1/72 (I've got the Trumpeter kit also) and use yours for reference!

    • Will do Greg. Had to scratch built a complete rear wheel well on the Wyvern, added details to the cockpit, wheelwells, landing gear and weathered it with Doc O' Brien's and Humbrol weathering powders.

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    said on April 2, 2018

    Your Huey is a belter and a well deserved winner. Congrats.

  10. Profile Photo
    said on April 2, 2018

    As is your Wyvern. Another cracker.

  11. Looks like you scored a triple. Nice work on those, and the other models look great too.

    • Thanks Tom. The Wyvern sure is an ugly beast but I am glad I built it because it stood out amongst the models of WW II aircraft. where nearly all were either in NMF or Olive Drab.

  12. Nice work! The Wyvern is one of my favorite a/c, and you did it justice! I like the SAAF camo Dakota and the He-177 a lot too.

    • Hi John. Thanks for the nice comment. Will soon post more photos of the Wyvern. The SAAF camo Dak is a nice model indeed. A close friend of mine built the Revell 1/72 Greif and that camo took ages to mask using play dough. It has a beautiful finish and is an AWESOME build yet only came 10th overall in its category.

  13. Hello Morne,
    Thanks for your contribution. I looked at all the items.
    New for me was the Le Torneau Landing Craft Retriever.
    Never heard of this type of vehicle. This LCR will have my attention, to learn more about this giant.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

    • Hi Dirk. The Retriever was designed and built by Le Torneau's company that produced large tractor type vehicles for the US Army. Google his creations. You will see how ambitious and weird his creations were!

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