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The Phantom of Yeovilton!

December 21, 2020 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.6K

This is my version of the FG. 1 , deployed with No. 767 Naval Squadron and stationed in Yeovilton, built completely unadorned from 's lovely 1/72 kit.

Not usually a jet-builder, I had to make one of these. Apart from the Phantom's perfect design, the Royal Navy deployed the plane in its best livery; dark sea grey makes this beast look like what it was - the heaviest plane deployed on an aircraft carrier.

My second trip back to modeling is largely nostalgic, and the planes I build were the ones I remember my dad and big brother making. Plus, growing up in the South of England, Yeovilton was one of my first experiences at an air museum. Not sure how much I appreciated it at the time, but Airfix know what they're doing to get my generation back in the game: iconic aircraft, engineered beautifully and inventively.

Whatever the inaccuracies, I enjoyed making this almost more than any other kit I've made in the last couple of years - even the hundreds of stencils!

You'll have to excuse the sentimentality with this post.

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  1. Phantastic Phantom! It is a nice kit, with a lot of build options. I did one awhile back. It would be nice if Airfix did the J 79 powered variants.

  2. Very impressive model! I'm amazed at the weapons load, nice! What are the doors open at the sides, by the engines? Auxiliary air doors?

  3. Beautiful build, love the Spey powered Phantoms!

  4. Really nice work. Great inspiration to pull mine out of the stash.

    You know, whatever you want to say about HRH Prince Charles, when he was 26, he landed one of these several times on Ark Royal. Operating Phantoms from carriers smaller than the Essex class, which the USN considered too small for the airplane.

  5. This is a great build, Tim!
    I love the British Phantom: definitely a Phantom, but "different" and (to me at least) with gorgeous looks!
    You did a splendid job on the nice Airfix kit.

  6. Very nice build, Tim
    As you said, that scheme suites this Phantom very well.

  7. Gorgeous looking Phantom, definitely the best colour scheme for it.

  8. Very good finish on that kit!
    I've been eyeballing those Airfix Phantoms for a while now, particularly the RAF one with the Falklands markings (as in stationed there, not as in fought there). This one may just have pushed me over the line to go and get it.

  9. Great looking model. It certainly looks as heavy as it was. Love the massive load out!

  10. Double ugly, used and abused and ready to go. Its always a treat to look at a model that has been done up to show a kits good points but, then the modeler takes it another step and captures the character of the a/c.

    Two thumbs up Tim.

  11. A wonderful result, awesome and inspiring!

  12. Your sentimentality is the best part of the post, Tim!

  13. Thanks very much, everyone - I really appreciate all the feedback and support! Always makes posting here seem like the reward at the end of the build. Cheers!

  14. Love it, Tim - a little bit of grime and a lot of love! I took for granted this was 1/48 looking at the photos! Beautiful finish!

  15. Excellent build! Love how you finished it off "rode hard and put up wet." I've got this one in the stash begging to be built...

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