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USS Kirk DE/FF 1087,1/700 AFV.

One of 46 Knox class destroyer escort/ fast frigate. The Kirk was commissioned in the early seventies and later transferred to Taiwan in the mid nineties. It took part in the evacuation of South Vietnamese refugees in 1975.
I picked this up because I remember seeing these ships sailing with the carrier that I was on. I found out later its history , If you can check out this video, it is an interesting story

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6 responses to USS Kirk DE/FF 1087,1/700 AFV.

  1. Fascinating history and an excellently produced account of it (both the video.. watched it when you posted it last night.. and your model). Thank you for sharing! Later-century/ Cold War ships are so-often neglected in the model circles, but I’m glad you’ve built this up. I’m assuming kit is resin, and waterline only?

  2. Nice work, Robert. It’s good to see 1/700 ships built.

  3. My first ship was the Capodanno DE/FF 1093. I still remember most of the crew that I served with.

  4. Hello Robert,
    Job well done on this extremely small scale.
    Regards, Dirk

  5. Well done, Robert!

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