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First 2021 build- Tamiya (Italeri) 1/48 Kfz.305 4x2 Cargo Truck

January 13, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 8 · 1.5K

Question to self- Self, what stash denizen can be built (vanquished?) in the least amount of time?... Here's the victim. Not a kit to greatly inspire, as the roots = meh. Half down drivers window sprue gate shattered despite my best efforts at trimming, and windshield to dash fit emmmm... eluded a solution. Tried to make it a little interesting by mixing up the artists oils for the bed and adding goodies from 's Jerry can/accessories set. Interested to see which event occurs first- the eating of the plastic wheels by the vinyl tires, or the reveal of my expiration date. 😉

Should this be in armor or automotive?!?! Oh No, what do I doooo? Mmmmm... uncategorized it must be...

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  1. It's military - so armor.

    Nice work, you made a "boring" subject look good.

  2. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very decent model Stan, for sure a very much alluring piece.
    I don't know about you ... but I see a befitting and respectable diorama.
    In my view, it is mostly there.

  3. I love it too, Stan!

  4. Old model, yes. But fun build, leaves room for personal touch. This was one of the models who brought me into the hobby again. I tested several weathering techniques on it. Well done, kudos!

  5. Stan (@howardcgreen33), I guess the Tamiya (Italeri) refers to the truck being the Italeri kit and the drums etc are Tamiya? (I may be very wrong here, but I never saw the Italeri reboxed by Tamiya). Anyway, a nicely done Blitz, and a welcome addition here - more 1/48 vehicles will be apprecoiated!

    I posted the Tamiya Blitz a long time ago - link here to that one;

  6. Looks good to me. Right out of Indiana Jones. Nice and dusty.

  7. You did a fantastic weathering and painting on this one, a kit that I too have for quite some years in the stash. I guess the tires do need some AM replacements but otherwise it looks good in the bag, so your comments about your experience building it are most welcome. I like it a lot!

    @airbum - Erik I may have not understood you well when you say you’ve never saw the Italeri reboxed by Tamiya but this one has the two brands available. As usual the Tamiya reboxes its slightly pricier but it does come with an extra sprue made entirely by Tamiya-san

  8. Nicely done! It remind s me of the truck in the first 'Indiana Jones' movie.

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