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I used to think that the P 51D…

January 26, 2021 · in Aviation · · 9 · 1.9K

I used to think that the P-51D was so "Americana" as a kid. Going to air shows and being inspired to build the Monogram classic's with their 1/48 P-51B Ding Hao along with the P-51D Detroit Miss and of course Big Beautiful Doll all had to be done. They became the classic's or standard for a kid in the states who was into modeling. As I got older my thinking changed after reading that the British Purchasing Commission had a hand in it's creation and the Army Air Corps really didn't want to have anything to do with that "British" aircraft that took Allison engines away from making P-40's and P-38s. But, fortunately , smarter minds prevailed and through converging evolution both the Brits and the Yanks figured it out slapped in a Rolls Royce Merlin and the rest is history.

The inspiration stayed alive with that knowledge and greater appreciation for team work between nations and the need to build more kits. 50 yrs later and kind of burned out on Monogram plastic while cruising down the isle of my local hobby store I found the P-51D in 1/72nd scale and decided that the kit need a new home. Having gotten Jeffrey L. Ethell and Warren M. Bodie's WWII War Eagles Global Air War in Original Color picture book really got things going. A great color photo of a P-51D-20-NA sitting on tarmac at Mt. Farm can be seen on page 172. It was assigned to the 7th Photo Group. It purpose was to cover the photo Lightings and Spitfires on there long missions

over the ETO. So you have a late war Mustang that is a plain Jane. But, what a great opportunity to show the lines and really work at doing a natural finish. This kit is reasonably priced (under 10 dollars) and suitable for the wallets of youngsters and adults on a budget . Most of the problems I encountered where between the ears, the control stick and antenna were easily broken by my sausage fingers.

The paints used on the exterior of this kit where all Floquil which, sadly have been discontinued while, the interior was painted with Model Master paints which seem to be fading away given the choices of paint that are now available.

On the whole a fun little kit. My only real niggle is that landing gear is a bit wonky in the sprue and is bowed. Straightening with the fingers helps, the wheels are ok and the decals are good. The serial numbers on the tail where replace with dry transfers.

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  1. Nicely done, looks great " unmarked".


  2. Very well presented Steve, despite the "plain" look you can feel it's strength and it's purpose. Not marred by graphics other than the white rudder. What we called in the Navy a "line bird" without the CAG and CO's colorful markings. Or back in the day in the USAAF personal markings. Very nice build. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice work Steve!

    This Airfix kit is definitely the best 1/72 P-51D out there and you have made the most of it.

  4. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice clean and simple work Clark.

  5. A beauty she is, Stephen.
    Well done.

  6. What a little beauty, Steve!

  7. Thank you for compliments guys. This was a easy build and considering how often I post it was years in the making.

  8. Great looking Mustang!

  9. Good looking pony Stephen, she looks good in plain Jane markings.

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