Italian Stallion...1/48 Macchi MC.205 Veltro, Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana

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Built in 2013 by my dad. kit oob. Some of you may know that the Hasegawa isn´t correct and is something between a 202 and a 205, but it looks like a Veltro, my dad didn´t care.
Seatbelts added and EZ Line for the antenna wires.

Model shows an a/c of 3. Sqn, 1. Gruppo caccia in June 1944

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  1. Another excellent rarely seen paint scheme on the Veltro. I built the Hasegawa kit around the same time. But in a smoke ring scheme. Yours much better and unique. Well done and thanks for sharing

  2. I'd love to be able to say I built your dad's collection (only in 1/72...)! He has such great subjects and schemes, and the finishes are all fantastic. Almost every one of his builds makes me want to build the same aircraft and scheme!

  3. Looks like a Veltro to me. Nice work.

  4. Amazing paint scheme. Cue "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

  5. very nice built and paint job

  6. Another great result from your dad, Reinhard.
    That scheme is exceptional and well applied.

  7. Hi Reinhard, Your Dad has a great eye for striking color schemes & as Greg said, they make you want to do one the same. This is a fabulous job & fortunately I have a V205 gathering dust, just waiting for a bit of incentive such as this. Great photos too.

  8. I like the "half and half" paint job. Nice work!

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A visually striking model Reinhard, love the rare paint scheme.
    Very nice and applied subtle weathering, thank you for sharing these images.

  10. Another beautiful model, Reinhard!
    The paint job is unique and, as usual, excellently executed.
    I 've got the same kit to build and, also as usual, your build is a great motivation booster (so, thanks, fo sharing!).
    Didn't know about the kit's inaccuracies, but, like your father, they will not stop me from building it!

  11. Lovely kit, Reinhard. I especially like the 'mixed' colour scheme and a great end result. Well done.



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