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My next project and a request for help !.....

January 10, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 23 · 1.7K

Hi fellow iModelers , I'm hoping this will be my next project but I think I will need some help from a kind hearted fellow iModeler or two , as a lifelong fan of Motorhead I was excited to see brought out this little beauty and put one on back order at Hannants before it was released so as to make sure I got one.

My plan is to build it in flight and to try and replicate the album cover as closely as possible and that is where my problem is , if you look closely you will see that the artist who did the original album cover has used some "license" and added a chin turret under the pilots feet so as to portray all three of the original band members in the cover but Airfix have merely reboxed there scale Heinkell 111 and added a decal sheet ,so I need to scratch build the turret using a clear part from another kit , it looks to me like a dorsal turret from a B17 or B24 might do the job or something similar , the annoying part is that a few years ago I built a civilianised B17 to model a post war TWA version so I must have had the turret and didn't bother to keep it .Anyway no use crying over spilt milk and seeing as the whole thing is a figment of the imagination I don't suppose it would matter what the donor is as long as I could add a turret in that position. The second problem I have is that Airfix for some reason best known to themselves have only supplied one bomb and I need two , so in short if anyone has anything in there spares box that would fit the bill and don't mind the postage you would be making an old man very happy.

On a lighter note I also intend to motorise it and bought a couple of motors described as "micro motors" however I should have looked more closely at the dimensions before hitting the buy it now button because what I got is in picture three... serves me right for rushing I suppose.

Thanks , Neil.

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  1. Neil, @neil-foster
    This is such a cool looking plane, and I remember the album cover well. Man I must be getting old huh ?

    I recently was able to make a replacement wind screen for one of the 1/48 scale Tamiya F4U Corsairs using a method that is best described as "Heat and Pull". Using leftover clear plastic from various packages, and with the assistance of my darling wife, I was able to convincingly pull it off. She held the master mold which was the old damaged clear part that I had glued to a wooden stick.

    She also held the lighter. In turn, I held the clear plastic over the open flame until it just started to change appearance / melt. While it was still hot, I pulled the clear plastic down over the top of the old part.

    It worked pretty good, but after several failed attempts, I got the hang of it.

    After making several more replacement parts to have on hand as spares, the original plastic part was damaged due to the heat.

    So my advice would be to try and make your plug mold using wood or something that is more resistant to heat damage. But you only need one part, so I think you can do it fairly easily.

  2. Thanks Louis, it's certainly one way of going at it for a gun turret but I'm hoping someone may have a spare one knocking about and I need the bomb as well.
    Cheers Louis

    • Neil, @neil-foster
      Aha... Understood. I was giving you options in the event that you were not able to locate a spare part. Good luck with this, and please keep us posted. That is a very cool looking Heinkel... I can't wait to see it done. Next you will need the Spitfire flown by "Eddie" from Iron Maiden ! Those two kits would look great parked next to each other.

  3. Not sure I have one, but what are the dimensions for the bomb? (in mm if possible)

    • Cheers Erik and Spiros , I will take a picture and add it to the post , I think it is a standard Luftwaffe 500 Lb bomb , strange that Airfix only added 1...

  4. Neil, I found this in my junk box. Hard to tell if it's quite the right shape, but you're more than welcome to it if you want it. I think it's a B-24 upper turret. What kind of bomb are you looking for?

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thanks Jaime , that would do the trick as it's fictitious anyway, I'll wait a day or two and see what else is offered ( if anything !) and P/M you my address , the postage should be minimal for that and if I ever have anything you need , Decals ,spares etc I will return the compliment.

      • Any time my friend! It's on my work bench waiting for you, and I may have some bombs as well, I'll take a look to see what I have. I've never seen that issue of the He-111, looking forward to your twist on it!

  5. What a great choice, Neil @neil-foster!
    I will have a look for some kind of turret(s) in my "Cookie" boxes. Also, can youn please take a pic of the Airfix supplied bomb AND post its dimensions?

  6. This is the bomb included in the kit it is 38mm long , I imagine it is a standard bomb for the Luftwaffe .
    Cheers Neil.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

    • What is even more strange is that they have two rings on the tree!

    • I've got a pair of 46mm long bombs. They are the SC2000, so yours must be the SC1800. SCs were the generic bombs used by the Luftwaffe, in various sizes. There's good chance that your Heinkel could carry both of them, I will check it tomorrow, together with some kind of turret solution... If you want the bombs, they are yours! I can post them to you, my friend @neil-foster, together with a turret, if I find one...

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Also found this pic in wiki:

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. Wow Neil, I have got to say that it is going to be a brave move sir, we have the same kit in the stash. But I want to know how you are going to fit the drum kit in there?

    Good luck sir.

  8. Perhaps the turret from a Airfix B-25C/D or a Squadron vacuform for the after mentioned subject. Or one of the Falcon Industries sets from New Zealand. Would do the trick.

  9. Sorry I can't help you with this, Neil, but I can't wait to see the end result, good luck with it, and keep safe.

  10. I’m working on this kit now. I didn’t even notice the turret lol.

  11. I have this same kit and share your frustration! Like you I want to build true to the cover. Even the decal placement shown on the instructions if different to the box art...

  12. What fun. I have a few left over 1/48 and 1/32 parts but none at 1/72 sadly

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