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Spitfire Mk I – Tamiya 1/72

My First Tamiya kit. Figured my skill level was progressing enough to do it justice.

Level of detail for 1/72 blows me away. Really challenges the extremes of my psychomotor skills painting all the tiny cockpit items. Tried to paint every number on the dials.

Fit was also excellent. Only used some Tamiya surfacer to fill in seams – no putty needed which was nice as I didn’t have to sand off any of the lovely detail e.g. wing roots.

Pretty happy with the result. Strictly out of the box, except for photoetch seatbelts, unknown brand. EZ line antennae. All paints Tamiya. Had to replace wing roundels after one shredded a bit round the edges.

Out of eight models I’ve done since rejoining the hobby, four Spitfires. Must keep repeating “there are other planes than Spitfires”.

Last photo shows the quartet – all different marks, camo and manufacturers:
Tamiya Mk I, Italeri Mk VII, Airfix Mk IX, Heller Mk. XVI.

25 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses to Spitfire Mk I – Tamiya 1/72

  1. Congratulations on your build! but remember: “there are other planes than Spitfires” 😉
    If I may, I think that these Mk.I were equipped with the HF TR 9 radio (as depicted on your build) and IFF, so there should be IFF cables on the tail (here’s a photo of my latest Mk.Ia).
    It is an easy change that can still be made.
    I like it very much, congratulations


    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. This is such an amazing Spitfire, Aldo! I so much love to see such detailed and well made models in 1/72!

  3. You only have four Spitfires in your collection? Don’t worry, you have a long way to go. 🙂

    Very nice effort here and a very good result.


  4. Thanks Tom. Guess it’s like you can’t have too many Beatles albums (or replace with your favourite artist.) Cheers.

  5. Nice finish Aldo, great looking Mk I.
    I am afraid that if I start on any of my new Tamiya kits I’d never go back to my Heller and Frog kits.

  6. Superb build, Aldo.
    Early Spitfires to me are still the most attractive ones and your build clearly shows that.
    Incredible detail on such a small scale.

  7. I think you’re more than up to “Tamiya standard”, if there is such a thing. Great work, especially in 1/72, definitely liked. It’s the Rolling Stones for me, by the way.

  8. Great work, Aldo! Nice build!!

  9. Great looking spit, and a nice collection you have started there!

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