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1952 Hudson,1/24 Moebius, " my first ride"

February 9, 2021 · in Automotive · · 19 · 2.4K

Although I consciously don't remember riding in this, it was the car my father had in the first couple of years of my existence. Not being able to afford new cars until his retirement, he would rely on used cars, maintaining them best he could. I do remember one of the most essential parts of the heating system in the early cars was a warm blanket that me and my sisters shared in the back seat. The actual model that he had was a four door, the kit as you can see is a two door Hudson . The kit went together well, no real problems.

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  1. Nice work, Robert! I love seeing old car models built. I can still remember my dad’s ‘58 Impala and uncle’s ‘57 Caddy that they were driving in the late ‘60s. Great memories!

  2. Very cool Robert!

  3. My grandfather had one of these. Dark maroon. Nice work on this!

  4. Cool looking car, nice job on the model, great memories, definitely liked.

  5. Very well done. There was probably enough sheet metal in one of these to build several modern cars.

  6. Nice work, Robert!
    Love the actual b/w pic.

  7. Great build, bringing back good memories. I like these oldies very much!

  8. My uncle had a four door Hornet, but I was too young to remember riding in it. Nice job on this Hornet !

  9. Nice build , the old cars had character.

  10. Nice set of wheels !

  11. Now there's a blast from the past! Nicely done.

  12. I've been eyeing this kit for awhile. What a great job you've done.

  13. Beautiful model, Robert. Flawless finish and a very cool looking car with classic 50s streamlining - kind of reminds me of a Razorback Thunderbolt. Although I don't do cars (except for a few military trucks and airfield vehicles in my stash), your model inspires me to maybe give it a try some time. 1/24 must be a good scale to work in, given the size and larger parts. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Well done Robert, my dad also had a used Hudson for awhile when I was quite young. I remember standing on the fenders for a photo because they were made with lots of steel.

  15. Hey Robert ! @roofrat
    Boy this one sure brings back some memories. Years ago I did some engine work on one that needed a valve job done. I was familiar with working on engines, as I was an automotive machinist at the time.

    But it was really nice to have my Dad hanging out with me nearby, as he too was a gear head from way back when...and was admiring the car. Dad gave me some pointers and tips... even let me borrow a few of his specialty tools. This car had a "flat head" six cylinder in it, meaning the valves were located in the block, not like today's vehicles are.

    In a day or so I had the repairs done and the Hudson was running like new again.

    These cars had a lot of metal in them, and no plastic. They were made famous here at our local Daytona International Speedway. The reason why they were so popular with the drivers back then was how the frame actually went along the outside of the rear tires... So they would literally scrape the sides of the car along the walls of the track and not have to worry about "hurting" the car. Some drivers kept the passenger side planted firmly against the wall, and the accelerator was held wide open as they went around the track ! This almost always ensured them a win.

    Google Marshall Teague... and his "Fabulous" Hudson Hornet. The only bad thing about the Hudson was the V-8 engine wasn't available until 1955... A few years behind the competition.

    Having a close family relationship always makes the build that much more dear to one's heart. I can tell by looking at this one, it was a labor of love for you.

    Well done buddy, I pressed the "liked" button too. Stay safe, and it's good to hear from you.

  16. Nice hearing from you, Louis. I was about two years old when the photo was taken, so I don't really remember it, but my dad would often talk about it years later. Moebius has got a few Hudsons from 1952 to 1954 including a racer. Stay well friend. @lgardner.

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