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B-17G ‘Nine O Nine’ 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group

February 1, 2021 · in Aviation · · 30 · 2.3K

Hi everybody,

For my first post, I wanted to present one of my favourite aircraft: The mighty G. The model is the Revel Kit built from the box. I chose to make the famous ‘Nine O Nine', which unfortunately crashed in October 2019. This Lady was owned by the Collings Foundation and represented the B-17G Nine O Nine, so called from her 3 last digit from her serial number 42-31909. This B-17 was serving for the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group and completed 140 war missions.

The Revel kit was really a funny build with no big deal. I was and still am disappointed with the symmetrical position of the waist gunners and the plexi from tail gunner. For the first one, I am not enough skilled to re-position it, and the second one, well I f*** up. The decal were from good quality and had no issue transferring them. For the paint, I used Humbrol Enamel (not yet used to Acrylic paints) Clear from the same maker, and AK matt varnish. The olive drab coloured should have been lighter but was too late when noticed. Next build I take a picture on the bench of the real aircraft to avoid this mistake.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. That looks absolutely wonderful! Welcome to Imodeler.

  2. That is a great entry to iModeler, Yann.
    Welcome to this great community.
    Your build looks very nice, overall finish as well as the details.

  3. B-17's...can't get enough of 'em. Appreciate your work on this on.

  4. Nice. Welcome! Keep'em coming.

    • Thank you Eric, I will try to follow the posts. For the moment, the big dilemma is to choose what the next model will be. I have on my shelf his Sister on F version, a Mosquito 1/48 Tam, a BF 109 1/48 Eduard or the second kit of the royal class P-52. To see in the future

  5. That's a great B-17, Yann!
    Welcome aboard!

  6. Nice model indeed.

    Here's a photo of 9-0-9 when she visited Los Angeles and I had a chance to fly with her 20 years ago.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Thank you Tom for the comment, and thanks for the picture, it shows clearly that my model is too dark. Next time I will pay more attention to it.
      Waw what a chance to fly with her! I had the chance to see 2 of them (Saly B and the Pink Lady) side by side in Belgium some time ago and allowed to visit the Pink Lady.

  7. Nicely done! For all the angst over this kit when it came out, it builds up nicely!

  8. Welcome to site. Good looking B-17.

  9. Great build Yann, always nice to see fellow Belgians here!

  10. Nice Build and Welcome to iModeler. It looks like a fun build with all that interior. I am doing the Monogram 1/48 version, of the kit. Not as nice but just as fun. I like the Humbrol OD, I think it looks pretty damn close, if you weathered it you could lighten it up a bit, but looks great just the way it is.

    • Thank you Walt for this nice comment. Well the interior details wont ever been seen on this scale but as you said it was fun to make them. And great idea for the weathering it might lighter the color but I'm afraid that now that's going to be tricky with all the antenna's and guns in position.

  11. Nicely done Yann, looks good, welcome to iModeler !

  12. That's a big model in any scale, but you've made an impressive B-17, and overcame the difficulties, welcome to iModeler, definitely liked.

  13. Nicely done Yann and about the color, I always believe they had to be new at some point in time. I see you're in Belgian, actually paid some visits there looking for my dad's old battlefields, he was with the 101st Airborne. Welcome to iModeler, it's quite a nice place with lots of friendly folks.

    • Many thanks Tom. Yes at some point they were shinny out of the manufacture. I hope you enjoyed you stay in Belgium. 101st Airborne, you were probably in the Ardennes, nice country side form Belgium.

  14. Excellent Flying Fortress ! You did great on the interior, very difficult in 1/72 scale.

  15. Very well done sir, and not to worry about the precived flaw of too dark OD as chances are OD shades varied considerably in the WW II era. Paint was not the chemical science it is today, probably as many shades as there were manufacturers in those days.

    Excellent finish


  16. Thanks a lot Mark @markh for your nice comment. I still have one to build a F version. I will be more accurate with the OD.

    BRGDS, Yann

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