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I am born in Belgium in 1983, huge fan of WWII planes, I started to build kits when I was 10 yo. But I had to quit due to the things of the life. After spending 15 years at sea as merchant navy officer, I restarted my old hobby since I had more time to complete the projects.
I'm mainly building 1/48 WWII aircraft out from the box, although I gave a shot with Belgian fighters in 1/72.

B-17 F ‘Memphis Belle’ 324th Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group

Hi everybody, I don’t know how to start this article. My first thought was to write: ‘don't yell on the damn intercom!’ (famous sentence from Capt. Bob Morgan), But no Let’s first present my happy new year to you modelers. This [...]

F-16A Block 10B, FA-39 Belgian Air Force 2nd Squadron (Comet)

Hello everybody, This project is complete since a while but completely forgot to post it. I chose this F-16 because this one a something special for me. On the 23rd of March 1999 this aircraft crashed in a close by village from mine, in [...]

Mirage 2000C, 12-YN, 1/12 Cambresis

Hello guys,it’s been a while since I posted any article! For this one it’s a Mirage 2000 C from Eduard, I thought it was the time to post this one since the 2000C is retired from the French squadron (July 2022 ). The aircraft is [...]

Mirage V, ‘BR 03’, 42nd Squadron, BAF

Hello guys, here is my second the Mirage 5! For this one I chose to make the BR version, RECEE version from 42nd SQN. I started the Mirage build in order to make one of each version I've been in. For this version, it's the BR03. The [...]

Mirage V, ‘BD 09’, 8th Squadron, 3rd Wing TAC BAF

My latest build, the Mirage 5! This aircraft is really particular for me since when I was 'still' young, I had many chance to visit an operational airbase (thanks to my nanny's husband) which operating with Mirage. So let's the story [...]

Hawker Hurricane MK.I, No. 303 RAF (Polish) Squadron

Hello everybody, For my 3rd post in ‘Work in Progress’ I chose the Hurricane form Airfix in 1/48th scale. The full review is available on this link: (link) The kit is built OOB with home seat belts and some Tamiya decals since I [...]

B-24 J, ‘Cocktail Hour’, 43rd Bomb Group 64th Bomb Squadron

Hi everybody, This time I would like to present my latest build: B-24 J ‘Cocktail Hour’. The kit is the 1/72 Hasegawa B-24J build straight from the box. Regarding the kit (the full review is available on this link: (link) I found it [...]

Tempest Mk. V, ‘JN 862’, 3rd RAF Squadron, 150th Wing

Hi folks, Again, I enjoyed our ‘Belgian Sun’ (which is not shining so often those last days) and decided to take few shots of my Tempest, built last years. I chose this famous day of the 6th of June to post this article. 77 years ago [...]

Messerschmitt Bf109 G-4, 8/JG 53

Good day everybody, I would like to present you my latest build the ME 109 G-4 Trop. As usual every parts are coming from the box and no extra added except from 2 decals which are coming from microscale on the lower part of the wings, the [...]

Spitfire MK XVI ‘SL 549’ 17th RAF Squadron

Hi everybody, I would like to present you the Spitfire MK XVI. Built 2-3 years ago, here is the model. As usual every parts are coming from the box and no extra added, the build is the 1/48 Eduard Profipack. The kit was, as usual, not a [...]