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February 18, 2021 · in Aviation · · 24 ≡

Hi guys,
here is my J.29F
an excellent kit!
Have a great day ?

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  1. Metallica! Could not be more suggestive of the band! Great work Allon! Liked!

  2. Looks great. Can you give a little more info on how you did the NMF?


    • Thank you, Matt!
      I used AK extreme metal colors. About 6 or 7 different tones. First, I painted the all model with aluminum, after complet drying, I put Mr. Color gloss varnish and only then started to mask the panels and sprayed different metal tones.

  3. Allon, @allonkira67
    This is a great looking plane you built, and having it show up right after Tom Bebout's Focke Wulf Ta-183 Huckebein is perfect timing. The metal finish looks spectacular. I especially like the tonal variations on each panel. Did you add the seat harness, or did it come like that right out of the box ? The pilot's office looks equally impressive as the rest of the model.

    I definitely pressed the "liked" button.

    • Thank you so much, Louis! @lgardner
      I'm happy you liked it ☺
      Yes, the only aftermarket part is the pilot seat. Since the one in the kit is very simple.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Well done Allon, and great timing showing off that little gem. I like it.

  5. Beautiful build. I can't help but think that would look great displayed next to a 1/48 Draken.

  6. Beautiful NMF on a rarely seen subject. Excellent - love the weathering also. I'd love to see a pic or two of the underside to see how you did the panel variations there also (yep - planning to crib off this for a build of my own!).

  7. Can’t get a much better NMF look than the one you present us here, with your Tunnan. Beyond that, this model has your artistic signature all over Allon. Beautiful model and a good title for the post also 😉

  8. Beautiful work on the NMF, since the J.29 is notorious for looking exactly like this. Great result!

    Now that the Pilot Replica's kit has gone to the Big Hobby Shop In The Sky, I guess the rivet counters will have to settle for this kit, regardless of its "scale". Sure looks good to me. 🙂

  9. another Allon Kira masterpiece.
    And what a great subject - I love the Tunnan.
    Congratulations, Allon!

  10. awesome work Allon, impressive finish with the Natural Metal!

  11. That NMF looks extreme realistic, Allon.
    Also the interior detailing is fantastic.
    A beautiful build.

  12. Very nice! What metallic paints did you use? Thanks

  13. What they said, looks great!

  14. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A really awesome and very impressive work on the finish for this model Allon.
    Thank you for these pictures and for sharing with us this model.

  15. Really like your take on the NMF.

  16. Love the “flying barrel” working on one myself ! Great job!

  17. Yet another NMF masterpiece, really great looking model, definitely liked.

  18. Wonderful metal work. High degree of realism. Very special.

  19. What a great job. The Tunnan looks soooo good in an outstanding metal finish!

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