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“End of the Line”

This is 's Baureihe (Br-) 52 Kriegslocomotive with Steifrahmentender, but for this project I had no interest in the tender, or the sleepers and rails that built-up into a composite display base. The base here is plaster cast, purchased at Euro Militaire (as was) in Folkestone three or four years ago.

Even without the tender, the engine is 420mm in length, and so makes quite an impression as an individual model. The engine is made up of about 500 parts, a considerable proportion of the 700+ parts of the complete kit.

The Deutsche Reichsbahn's Class 52 was a German steam locomotive built in large numbers during the Second World War. It was the most produced type of the so-called Kriegslokomotiven or Kriegsloks (war locomotives). The Class 52 was a wartime development of the pre-war DRG Class 50, using fewer parts and less expensive materials to speed production.

The project was to present an abandoned engine in a distressed state. I used five different orange/brown/yellow matt oils, artist pigments and two "rust" powders. I added a few pieces of coal on the floor of the cab and along the track, for effect; these are from Jarvis Manufacturing Ltd.

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21 responses

  1. Very nice Rob. The rustwork looks the part. Well done!

  2. Brilliantly done, Rob...your weathering effects are very convincing. Nice work!

  3. A stunning piece of work that clearly took a lot of time. The effects are just fantastic and it looks like a high quality steel model that's been left outdoors for a few months.

  4. Rob, marvelous! Awaiting the scrappers torch!

  5. Truly remarkable.

  6. Wow Rob - another incredible project from your hands! You're breadth of interest and skill at each amazes me!

  7. Unique subject and very well done.

  8. Beautifully finished, Rob. As a locomotive fancier (among other things), I really enjoyed seeing this. Fantastic work!

  9. Brilliant job, right down to the track work!

  10. Nice work Rob! We don't see many trains round these parts. The weathering looks spot on, great rusting effects.

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