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Arma Hobby General Motors FM-2 Wildcats

March 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 14 · 3.1K

is beginning to make a name for itself by releasing subjects which have been long overlooked in scale. This is the variant of the . This version was produced by General Motors so Grumman could focus on Hellcat production and was produced in greater numbers than all the other marks of Wildcats combined. The FM-2 had a more-powerful Pratt & Whitney R-1830-86 engine, a taller tail, and a four-gun foldable wing.

The FM-2 Wildcat (BuNo 16262) in the graded scheme was assigned to Composite Squadron 10 (VC-10) embarked on the escort carrier USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73). On 15JUN44 pilot LT Herman J. Hardess belly-landed this aircraft aboard the Gambier Bay, it was later jettisoned over the side.

BuNo 16130 carried the North Atlantic gray scheme and was assigned to Composite Squadron 8 (VC-10) embarked on the escort carrier USS Guadalcanal (CVE-60). Pilot was LTJG F. H. Behlen III.

The FM-2 Wildcat from Composite Squadron 96 (VC-96) was finished in the late-war overall Gloss Sea Blue scheme. It flew from the Casablanca-class escort carrier USS Rudyerd Bay (CVE-81) during the Okinawa campaign in April, 1945.

Construction posts for those interested can be found here:

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14 responses

  1. Beautiful builds, Jeff.
    All three of them.
    Your photography is also absolutely great.

  2. You had me at eye-level photography, and they're ALL nice photos.
    Three little gems on their own but together wow.
    Really impressive work.

    Edit to add, it's good to see the rockets on a Wildcat! It's a good reminder that the Wildcat didn't just fade away after Midway, they fought 'til the bitter end. The more I read the more I get the impression that the F8F Bearcat wasn't so much a Hellcat replacement but more so, or at least equally, to replace the Wildcat on the smaller carriers.

    Thanks, now I wanna do a Wildcat with rockets. I also like it with the one drop tank.

  3. Magnificent workmanship is on display here for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for sharing these with us. I pressed the "liked" button.

  4. Beautiful builds - love that Atlantic scheme, and I'm definitely going to have to build an Arma Hobby Wildcat in the near future!

  5. Very nice Wildcats Jeff !

  6. The Wilder Wildcat, as it was known. In April 1945 four Wildcat VI (FAA FM-2) took on four Bf-109G-6 and shot down 2 with one probable. In June 1945, eight FM-2s flying off Kyushu got into it with some Zeros and shot down four.

    Beautiful models, Jeff.

    "Liked" (a lot!)

    For those of you who might be interested, Jeff has a very nice blog, "Inch High Guy" that is well worth a visit or three.

  7. That's a really nice looking group of Cats, Jeff. Nicely down, especially like the Atlantic camo look.

  8. Can't have too many Wildcats, really nice collection, definitely liked.

  9. A wild bunch of Wildcats! They look great.

  10. Great bunch of cats.

  11. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    I just finished seeing all the pictures for this post, I had a smile of delight all
    the time.
    Very nice show and builds Jeff. The photography is very keen and sharp.
    Thank you for sharing these images.

  12. Amazing little models, jeff!
    A great tribute to this very important palne.
    Kudos also to Arma Hobby for tackling suchj subjects in the (formerly overlooked) amazing 1/72 scale!

  13. Thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated!

  14. Very nice work. I’m glad the 1/72 scale models can be this good.
    Well done.

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