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Grumman FM-2 Wildcat 1/48 Eduard

This is one of the best kits from Eduard. I bought the limited edition Wilder Cat, where there are parts for one plane, but decals for two. Brilliant idea to buy overtreess. And that's what I did right away. I want Wildcat to have an [...]

Review: Eduard continues to own the Wildcat

Eduard brought out the "classic" F4F-4 Wildcat, following that with the first really accurate FM-2 "Wilder Wildcat" in any scale, and then stealing Tamiya's fire about updating their 30 year old F4F-4 as an FM-1 with an [...]

Eduard FM-2 Wildcat, 1/48, 'The Wilder Wildcat'

When Eduard released their first F4F-3 Wildcat I bought it straight away and love the model they provided, a great little kit with amazing details and a pain-free good fitting build process. We knew they were planning on doing a whole line [...]

1/48 Wildcat VI (FM-2).

I finally got to build my first Eduard Wildcat. Eduard hit a home run with this one. Not only is it an accurate FM-2, but Eduard really raised the bar for 1/48 Wildcats. This kit renders the Tamiya Wildcat obsolete and in my opinion [...]

Kamikaze Killer...1/48 General Motors FM-2 Wildcat, VC-93, USN

Next one finished by my dad. Eduard Limited Edition kit oob. Painted with MRP Sea Blue. Build thread here (link) Aircraft of Lt. (jg) Robert Sullivan onboard the escort carrier USS Petrof Bay in the battle for Okinawa, providing CAS, [...]

FM-2 Wilder Cat

For some time I've wanted the FM-1 and FM-2 variants to go with my Navy collection, but I just could not get excited about the Hobby Boss and Sword offerings which need a lot of work. Then I heard rumors about Eduard releasing the FM-2 so [...]

1/48 scale Eduard FM-2 "Wilder Cat" kit number 11175 USS Nehenta Bay, VC-8 August 5th, 1945. Lt / JG O'Connor

When I first heard that Eduard was going to be releasing a brand new FM-2 Wildcat in 1/48 scale, I was very excited. I had the older Hobby Boss FM-2 kit, and it fell short in some areas. So I was not in any hurry to spend as much money [...]

Eduard 1/48 Grumman/Eastern Aircraft FM-2 "Wilder Wildcat"

The Wilder Wildcat: Quick: which World War II U.S. Navy fighter had a kill-loss ratio of 32:1? Was it the Hellcat? Nope. The Hellcat’s score was 19:1. Was it the Corsair? Nope. The U-bird’s score was 11:1. It was in fact the FM-2 [...]

Review: Eduard's 1/48th Grumman FM-2 Wildcat

When Eduards brought us a new tool F4F-3 Wildcat late last year, we all assumed that as they have with the Zero, Spitfires and the other series of variants they would eventually give us an FM-2. And here we are much sooner than expected [...]

Grumman FM-2 Wildcat "The wildest Wildcat", ArmaHobby 1/72

A bit about the aircraft: The Grumman FM-2 Wildcat is an improved version of the F4F-4 variant. The most noticeable difference is the larger tail fin, furthermore an improved powerplant was installed and the ammunition capacity was [...]