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Discover XD-1, moebius 1/350.

March 10, 2021 · in Sci-fi · · 6 · 1.6K

More reasonably priced then their earlier 1/144 release of the exploration ship from a space odyssey. The smaller scale though taxed my manual dexterity. We are nowhere near the technology as projected in the movie, reality vs Sci-fi comparison photos.

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  1. If it lands on a planet it looks like it could stand up and walk around.
    Always enjoy seeing your work, whatever it is.
    Diversity for sure.

  2. Very cool build, Robert! That is one of my favorite sci-fi ships, I saw the movie when it came out.

    Have to add this one to the build list...

  3. Nice build, My friend @roofrat!
    Indeed, many of the 'forseen" things depicted in the movie have yet to materialize...

  4. Very nice Robert.

    I did see the Stanley Cubrick exhibit at the Jewish American museum in SF a few years ago.

    It was a fantastic show. All models There were copies as all the originals of 2001 a Space odyssey were ordered destroyed by Cubrick After filming so there would be no opportunity to use them is other movies ( or other works by Artur C. Clarke.)

    At that the original models are lost And in the sequel 2010 they had to find something else. Still visionary we are, headed for the stars, or Mars , which may be possible if we don’t mess up our current home.

  5. Nice blast from the past! Definitely something different for you - surprised there wasn't an easter egg USN decal on there somewhere...

  6. Well done Robert of an interesting subject. Saw the movie when it was first released and thought the space scenes were fantastic. Open the door Hal.

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