Fujimi 1/24 Porsche 917K

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Here is my most recent job, one of my favorite racing cars of all time, the Porsche 917K. After the famous era of the GT 40, this model came to a period of dominance in the endurance race scene. This model in question, the "K" with a short tail, starred the famous film "LeMans" by Steve McQueen, in the iconic Gulf colors cheme. The kit, have good quality, good fittings, but the engine bay is extremely poor in details, which gave me no incentive to keep the hood open. As the kit was already old, I chose to paint the gulf stripes instead of trying the aged decals, which in the end was much more pleasant chalenge. I used the period correct colors, lemans blue and gulf orange, with automotive clear coat for finishing. The final result was pretty cool. Hope you like it..

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  1. That's some really good work, and a beautiful collection.

  2. Classic car modelled beautifully, definitely liked.

  3. That's quite a "garage" you've got there - it rivals Jay Leno's. 🙂

    Nice work on this, great result.

  4. This is such an amazing Porsche!
    A beautiful result and a beautiful collection, Eduardo!

  5. Must have been an awful job masking the stripes around those curves. Like the final result a lot.

    Now, why two seats in a racing car?

  6. That's a nice stable of car models you have there. Your 917 is a beauty. There is one of those Gulf-Porsches sitting in the lobby of a mini car museum/restoration garage not far from me. I go there and eyeball their race cars all the time: Bruce Canepa owns the place.

  7. Cool build mate! I love a good Gulf livery!

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :

    Very great full to see this one Eduardo !

    Nice clean and sharp work, the sheen is with out a doubt a sure shot eye grabber on this one.

    Very commendable work on the orange stripe's.

    In relation to the question placed on behalf of fellow modeler and friend Stellan pertaining

    the two seats. This I believe was due to the rules under the FIA Guidelines.

    Though the 917K didn’t need a passenger seat as no need for it was in order, Porsche had to place one inside the cockpit as per FIA regulations of the era. However, the additional seat was smaller than the driver’s unit and really was no disturbance, it didn’t have a safety belt. Overall, the cabin looked rather poor and was devoid of any convenience features. The extra seat did provide a convenient spot for the helmet, gloves and other light things.

  9. Brilliant! I absolutely love it.
    I have chatted with Brian Redman about these cars. He didn't like the 917 because, he said, "they tended to break in half" when it all went wrong. Up close and personal, they are crude compared to today's machinery and don't have nearly the safety features-took a big pair to race them.

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