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Heller F4U-7 in 1/48

March 7, 2021 · in Aviation · · 20 · 3.6K

Presented for review: Aéronavale F.14.9, USN Bureau No 133690, by Heller, in . As noted in many F4U articles, the black and yellow ID stripes were for 'Operation Musketeer', aka the Suez Crisis of 1956.

Heller did very few 1/48 propeller airplanes, instead concentrating on jets and helicopters in that scale. I have always loved Heller kits, and grew up making many of their 1/72 scale kits, where their selection is much more varied.

I believe Heller's decision to do a 1/48 F4U-7 likely indicates how important this aircraft was to French post-WW2 naval aviation development (recommend Tom Cleaver iModeler articles for detailed histories). This aircraft is extremely 'bad-a*s', and I wanted to capture that feel in this model, despite the relative shortage of detail (for this scale). I also wanted to pay tribute to this airplane, and Heller's good judgment to offer this kit, along with the closely related Vought AU-1. Heller knew the demand for this model would be noteworthy, especially in France.

The French F4U-7s were a fitting end for the line, and were replaced by Vought F-8E Crusaders in Aéronavale service in 1964. The Corsair's great attributes allowed the to skip past second generation jets and proceed directly to Vought's first supersonic jet fighter, which made excellent sense for a country still recovering from the ravages of WW2, and the German occupation.

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  1. Really nice pictures, and some nice eye-level photography.
    VERY cool, love your work Bob.

    • Thanks for the kind remarks, John. I'm just using an IPAD for the photos now. I think the lens must be quite efficient for such a thin computer. Seeing the image on a big screen seems to help me find good angles to use.

  2. You got a really nice result with a kit that's "less than stellar." That's a tribute to your skill and ability, getting the most of what's there and making up for the kit's lacks. I like your result a lot.


    • Thanks for the look and the kind remarks, Tom. The French Navy had a great look about their ships and aircraft. I guess I'm an official Francophile now; I better be since my wife is part French ( way of Canada).

  3. Nice variation on the classic Corsair, the Suez stripes really set it off, definitely liked.

  4. Musketeer aircraft schemes are always quite striking of the post WW2 Corsairs. I like how this one turned out.

  5. Great choice of colour scheme.

  6. A very nice build, Bob.
    The chosen scheme is well chosen and you applied it very well.

  7. Great job on that "simple" kit, Bob.
    Love the scheme a lot!

  8. Well done Bob, quite striking with the yellow stripes over the dark blue. Nice touch adding the car to the model as well.

  9. A very nice build, and stunning scheme. Well done.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice results on this Heller kit Bob.
    For sure the markings and the beautiful paint job make this a model not to be missed.

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