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March 29, 2021 · in Aviation · · 28 · 1.9K

Hello fellow modelers. I am a former AF Crew Chief (A-10/F-16) that now writes Military Aviation Books, which have covered the P-61 Black Widow and Night Fighters, Vietnam and currently I am working on the F-101 Voodoo. I enjoy modeling whenever I can. I have always had a great interest in the Luftwaffe, the Japanese WWII aircraft and of course Night Fighter aircraft. I of course collect books and information on all these subjects so the library getting pretty large. But I am always interested in learning more.

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  1. Welcome aboard, Jeffrey!

  2. Thank-you! I been a bit busy with projects, nice to talk airplane/models with people! Jeff

  3. Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing both of you works. Any RCAF info included in your current project?

  4. George,

    In fact working with a number of people in Canada on the CF-101, but can always use the help in that area if you know anyone who were involved with them. Jeff

  5. Welcome to the site!

  6. Thank-you Robert!

  7. Welcome aboard Jeff!

  8. Great you joined, be most welcome!

  9. Welcome to this great community, Jeffrey.
    Really looking forward to your builds.
    The ones added do look great.

  10. Thank-you John! I spend a lot of time typing, so a great relaxer for sure. Jeff

  11. PS- John I would warn anyone about the 1/48 Kitty Hawk Voodoos, their a pain in the butt. (A friend is doing, and has sense set aside the F-101B) Bad fitting, a lot of filling, don't waste your money. Go with the Monogram and "PRAY" Tamiya or Hasagawa comes out with a 1/48 Voodoo series.

  12. Welcome to iModeler Jeffrey. This is one of the best model forum in the web, and I’m sure you will add a lot if information and contents here, and you can expect that to be reciprocal.

  13. Thank-you Pedro! I do have questions and in turn I have been a Aviation Historian for decades and always willing to help people when I can. Comes from being a teacher also.

  14. Your F-18 and the Voodoo look fantastic, Jeffrey!
    Looking forward to your builds.
    Welcome aboard!

  15. Thank-you Spiros!

  16. Welcome Jeffrey - we can always use another aviation author here.

  17. Welcome here - sounds great with some deep and well researched knowledge added to what we have here!
    With your interests it seems like you should take a look in the groups section - there is stuff for everyone there; If you have something non-modelling related or perhaps something you would like to soo made there are some appropriate groups for that in that section - go explore!

  18. Erik,

    I will check it out today for sure, Thanks! Jeff

  19. Jeffrey, @421stwidow
    Welcome aboard ! Years ago, we had an old F-101 parked not too far from the terminal at the Daytona Beach International Airport. It was camouflaged, wearing the Southeast Asia colors. It sat there for years, and then one day, "poof"... It was gone... just like that.

    I never found out what happened to it. Whenever I see a model of one built up, I immediately travel back in time, and think about our old Voodoo.

  20. Louis,

    Thank-you for the welcome. I probably have that 101 in my files somewhere. Too bad you never snapped a photo, I could tell you all about it. I am guessing it got moved "hopefully" to a museum. Jeff
  21. Tail End Charlie here, if you want to kill two birds with one stone . . . one of the
    baddest looking F-101's came out of Canada. . . EF-101B 101067 was painted up in black and was used for ECM exercises. If Darth Vader flew an F-101 you'd look for this Bad Boy.
    This was probably the last operational Voodoo and it end up being flown back to the states to the Minnesota Air National Guard museum where it is rumored that it was flown in a manner that the FAA would not have approved of . However, there is a active military run way and I am assuming that it may have gone rather low. My guess is that this Voodoo had been leased and was returned and then the Guard stripped off all of that black paint and painted her up as MN. ANG bird with the Air Defense Gray. So much for history. But the a/c has an interesting pedigree.

    Welcome, Jeffrey

    Looking forward to reading and looking at some of your gifts and talents.

  22. Stephen,

    Thank-you, and I know about that bird. It belonged to the 414 Electronic Warfare Squadron. I have been getting a lot of support from people from Canada on this project and it has helped a great deal. Canada and Taiwan were the only other countries to use the 101, so I have had my homework cut out for me on both. Jeff

  23. Good stuff, and welcome!

  24. Thank-you John!

  25. I ran across some photos of my old A-10 at Davis-Monthan (358th TFTS) in 1979. (Yeah I feel old) We were allowed to paint our doors at that time. This was 76-0533, which is still setting in the Boneyard. Thought some of you might enjoy the nose art. Col. Beckman was my pilot.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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