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Battle of Kasserine Pass Group Build: 1/48 F-6A TAC RECCE Mustang

Big hats off to David Thomas for initiating this GB concerning a significant battle in North America at Kasserine Pass. Determined to be a military defeat for the US Army it would prove to a learning lesson from which ultimate victory would finally come. One of my contributions to this GB is this F-6A representing the 111th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, called The Snoopers.
The 111th has a long history as Texas National Guard unit from Huston, Texas. They were activated on November, 1940, and received training stateside before deploying to the ETO with the 68th Observation Group. Their ground support units arrived at Azew, Algeria on 8 November, 1942, and awaited their A-20's and P-39's. When the aircraft arrived the 111th began operations in support for the 12th Air Support Command. They would later convert to the and by July, 1943 they would support Seventh Army's invasion of Sicily.

In 23 months of combat flying they flew 7,284 combat sorties, shot down 43 enemy aircraft, supported four invasions and participate in a fifth. Besides doing reconnaissance they would pioneer spotting for long range field artillery. They would receive the Distinguished Unit Citation in February, 1945.


No longer a viable company Accurate Miniatures did, however, produce some reasonable price versions of P-51's. Interior detail is quite nice and I used a combination of Model Master enamels and acrylics along with a wash to bring out some detail.

I did add a Ultracast seat to somewhat improve an already nice cockpit. Add the instrument panel the camera and it looks pretty good.

Thanks to David Thomas I used an after market prop that is more accurate in scale. The antenna is nylon thread and Tamiya rattle can paint was used for the exterior. To better view the office I cut the thick canopy and displayed it open. Now this was a well used aircraft and was due some severe weathering. However, it looked so nice clean I just left it that way. Artistic license.

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  1. Nice job Tom.

  2. Accurate Miniatures made some nice is evident here with your build. I like it.

  3. Very nice! Those are some monster guns that pony is totin'!

  4. Very nice work and an excellent result.

  5. Beautiful Mustang, Tom. And an Allison to boot.

    • Anthony, Tom,Craig, Robert and Greg, thanks for the nice remarks, I've always enjoyed building the AM kits. Decent detail and no major problems, so what's not to like.

  6. More brilliant work, Thomas. I just cannot get over your interior detail and exterior surfacing. Amazing stuff.

    This bird is a great addition to the KP GB, and you tell the story so well with the original photos and history. It's an honor to have you onboard and I'm looking forward to your other builds!

  7. Absolutely beautiful Tom, and the decisions you made have ensured that this all the more special. I think you were right to stop short on the weathering - it looks perfect as is. Next to cut the canopy up (brave move!) was also a good call - the interior detail is exquisite and deserves to be seen (not to mention the canopy looks quite unique and is therefore a very interesting technical detail presented that way). Finally a word for the base - it looks really good - I like the simplicity - it really sets the model off and adds a professional touch. A great choice of subject, brilliant choices during the build and outstanding execution. Love it!

    • Thanks for the kind remarks Paul, since I had a spare canopy it wasn't that risky to cut it open. Besides the AM canopy's were known to be on the rather thick side making it easier to cut.

  8. Tom, Nice work on this old classic kit. The old AM kits actually had a lot of good things going for them. Nice to see it done up well !

  9. Another great looking model and an interesting background story, full marks.

  10. Nice work Tom, always good to see an Allison engined Mustang.

  11. Tom your Mustang looks fantastic ! I always enjoy reading your articles too.

    This one combined the best of these two features... I like to see these AM kits built up. They look great right out of the box, but when you add some additional upgrades to them... they really pop, (as does your fine example). The base your plane is sitting on looks like the real thing too... another nice touch.

    Having actual photos of the plane you're building, and telling the story behind everything helps to bring the model to life. After all, we are telling a little bit of history with each build we do.
    Well done Sir ! I like it... a LOT !

  12. very very nice mustang.

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