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The new Airfix Sabre

March 13, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 ≡

This is the new in 1:48 scale which I've just built and is featured in the current issue of Airfix Model World Magazine. This was a great kit to build, plenty of detail in it and it all fits well. The markings will be one of the kit options however these are not the kit decals - the bars on the fuselage markings are too long on these, the kit ones are correct. Hope you like the pictures!

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  1. Good looking Saber Alan, well done.

  2. Another inspirational model by Alan. It looks like Airfix took the time to study a one to one scale F-86. Some of the detail in the canopy i.e. the compound curves that can be found on the real bird have been included. Hopefully, they didn't bother with lifting any of their smaller version in 1/72nd. Correcting that canopy, and placing the drop tanks in the correct position, adding more detail to the nose wheels and the brakes on the main wheels can be seen. Naturally folks will be comparing it the Hasegawa and Academy kits but, from looking at your photos it looks like a winner. It will be a bread and butter kit for Airfix and they do seem to improve with each release. The down side will have to be waiting for the kit to cross the pond.
    Some of the new releases are so popular that another pressing of the kits have to be done. That new Spitfire Mk Vc in 1/72nd has created a stir. I can only assume that seeing this kit on hobby store shelves in the states will happen in the fall the same for Sabre.

    Two thumbs up on another great build.

  3. This is a wonderful job, @alanprice1!
    And I can see the Airfix kit is very comprehensive, too!

  4. Fantastic result, Alan.
    Those new Airfix kits are so much better these days, they are a real pleasure to build.

  5. Wow! I think Airfix hit the big prize with this one. Looks like a great model Alan

  6. I'm really looking forward to this kit. This is quite a nice build. I hope one I build turns out as nice as yours did.

  7. Excellent work Allan, that Airfix kit looks amazing.

  8. I love your work, which is as excellent as always, and the pictures are very nice. Nice enough to convince me I won't be tossing my Hasegawa Sabres - that surface detail...

    Win some, lose some, Airfix. I love you regardless.

    • Thanks Tom, I think the shiny finish over emphasises the surface detail, if it was matt I think it'd look fine. As is usual with these new Airfix kits its got a lot of options, full inlet and exhaust trunking, airbrakes open or closed, nicely detailed undercarriage bays and you can have both gun bays/steps open.

  9. Thanks to all once again for more great comments!

  10. Nice work, Alan. Is it engineered in your opinion to eventually be issued with a slatted wing?

  11. Great-looking build! Those markings are outstanding choice - brings some nice contrast to the camo. Well done.

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