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1/72 Azur Frrom Royal Yugoslav Air Force Rogozarski Ik-3

April 19, 2021 · in Aviation · 21 · 2K

Rogozarski was founded on 21. April 1924. under name “Zivojin rogozarski”. In the beginning of 1930s Royal Yugoslav Air Force was gravely outdated with bi and triplanes. Construction trio Ilic, Sivcev and Zrnic started new project “Rogozarski Ik-3”, plane which had to make RYAF respectable force.

They saw Me109s, Spitfires, Dewoitines… and they had to construct fighter plane which could gain speed of 540km/h, high maneuverability, armed with two machineguns and one cannon. The plane is made from wood and duralluminium with high polished surface for better aerodynamics. Altogether 12 planes were made. Some were destroyed during tests, but pilots from Serbia and from abroad were excited by maneuverability which was better in some segments than Me109s. Turning radius was around 200m which was excellent.

Unfortunately only 6 planes were ready for April war and defend of Serbia on 6th of april 1941. when Germany attacked Serbia without declaration of war. Luftwaffe was far more superior in numbers and personel than RYAF. Serbia had Me109, Ik-3, Hurricanes… but numbers were in favor of Luftwaffe. Nevertheless pilots on Ik3 scored 11 victories. Pilot Miroslav Semiz had 4 victories flying his Ik-3.

Ik-3 was plane which could parry other modern fighter planes of that era. Modernisation of Ik3 was halted because of war. For more information on this beautiful plane you can follow this link Here You free download magazine Maketar Plus issue 4. The main theme of this issue is Rogozarski Ik-3, there is text in English so You can read whole story about this unusual pre war Serbia’s fighter project.

And now something about the model…

This machine is under number 2157 and it was flew by pilot ace Miroslav Semiz. Pilot Semiz gravely damaged and destroyed his plane Ik-3 2161 during landing after battle on initial day of April war. After that he flew this machine from 7th of april until 12th of April. Than, after 4 victories he scorched this plane in Veliki Radinci.

This is 1/72 scale made by Azur Frrom. This is short run, LTD edition from 2012. Although this is short run model, build goes without any problems. Cockpit is very spartan, without decals, seatbelts… I decided to put pilot from spare Luftwaffe pilots by Revell. I’ve painted pilot in RYAF colors. Main modifications were made in the nose area. Ayur “forget” to make machineguns and cannon in rotor. So I had to dril rotor, cut the hypodermic 0.9 needle and make cannon. Machineguns were made also from needle after cutting and shaping their places in the nose area. Also, exhaust were drilled and shapped to almost correct look. The main problem were correct colors. I used approximately near the original colors. Colors of Ik-3 are part of great debate among plane admireres because we don’t have color pictures of the plane.

I put Gunze X100 gloss varnish in couple layers because the original plane was polished and in gloss on wings, rudder… because of better aerodynamics.

Decals are OOB and they behaved excellent with a little help of a MicroSol.

I did just a little bit of weathering because RYAF maintened planes in almost mint condition.

You can how small this model is in the last few pictures.

Enjoy and be free to comment.

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  1. This is a great model of a beautiful plane I had no idea it existed!
    Azur are not easy kits to put together: congratulations in tackling it!
    Thanks for all this info and the link regfarding this important plane!

  2. Great looking model Djordje!

    Great job with the colours and painting, all in the palm of your hand.

    You made me check out my 'War Planes of the Second World War' books by William Green and the IK-3 is found in Fighters Vol.4 and it is an impressive read, noting 'secret' wind tunnel testing testing of models in Paris and being more maneuverable than the Bf-109E and being able to 'turn inside the Hurricane with ease'. Green also mention the IK-5 'Destroyer' - that would be cool to see in model form.

    • Thank You George, it is my pleasure to see that You are interested in very rare fighter from Serbia. I think that the fact of 11 victories of this plane, against better known fighters like Me109, Bf110 say everything about this plane 🙂
      It is shame that some better known manufacturer, like Eduard, didn't make this model.

  3. Unknown plane to me as well, but you created a beautiful model of it, Djordje.
    That camouflage pattern looks awesome.
    I will definitely do some reading on this company/type.

    • It is very obscure plane, there is 1/48 scale model from Aeropoxy, but it is made from resin. This is part of lesser known plane history and I think it deserve its plase in books and encyclopaedias 🙂

  4. That is a beautiful little model! I may have to snag one of those for my stash - don't have that aircraft!

  5. Great model! I like seeing types like this.

  6. Great little model of a very interesting plane. It reminds me of a cross between a Hawker Hurricane and the Avia 355. Attractive colours and I do love those roundels.

    BTW I loved the club newsletter pdf . Well laid out and its great to see the English translation of the article.
    Thanks Djordje

    • Some Luftwaffe pilots reported that they had problems in dogfights with Dewoitines, they mistaken Ik3 with Dewoitines because of similar silhouette.
      I hope You enjoyed reading history of Ik3 in Maketar plus 🙂

  7. What an unusual kit! Beautiful little fighter. I heard about the type previously but didn't know that Azur made a kit of it. As I remember I sought a Pegasus or other small manufacturer in 1:72 some years ago. Nice work as someone said previously Azurs are not easy kits as the comtemporary short run kits of the era/manufacturer (czech origin of course). Well done!

  8. Looks great, nice to see something unusual.

  9. Nice work, really looks great. And thank you for the pdf file.

  10. It's always great to see something a little different, and I enjoyed your write-up as well. Definitely liked.

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