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Hungarian Heinkel He-112 B1/U2Classic Airframes 1/48 .

April 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 30 · 1.9K

Hi all,

My last achievement and 1st completed this year.
This is the He-112 B1 / U2 coded V3 + 03 of the Royal Hungarian Air Force - Defense of Budapest 1942-43. This is the Classic Airframe model.
It is painted in RLM 61/62/63 above and RLM 65 below. The paints are Gunze Aqueous H-67 - 303 -308 & 406 and yellow H-419.

Hope you like it.


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  1. That is one pretty Heinkel sir. Looks great in those early wat colours and the Hungarian marking on the tail give it that extra bling bling!.

    How was the kit ?

    • Thanks Brian.
      The kit is like the Classic Airframes, short run. Some adjustments are limited, but overall it's still okay. Some details are simplified, such as the radiator which has been scratched. Some engravings are also to be reviewed. But still pleasant to build. It is also the only valid injected reproduction of this aircraft at 1/48 scale.

      4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. This is a beautiful build Jean-Paul @jipsx
    Very nicely detailed and great scheme.
    Details on the diorama are also very nice, like the smoking cigarette.
    Well done.

  3. Very nice - like the diorama a lot. One question regarding upload; where did you insert the pictures? Usually they are "clickable" to enlarge them, but yours seem to be embedded in the text without any link to a larger picture (apart from the four in your reply above)

  4. What pictures? I can't see any...

  5. Nice work, Jean-Paul! Great paintwork and attention to detail. I still have one of those in the stash.

  6. Your Heinkel and figures At rest look great !
    I like the approach of the display. It makes one think beyond the airframe and will surely attract positive attention to all who will see your build.
    Very nice.

  7. Great job on this. It looks as if you have re-scribed the panel lines . The kit I have has the panel lines very weakly done especially on the wings.

    • Thanks Dale.
      Indeed, on the kit, the structural lines are a little too fine and in addition, some are not correct and I therefore re-engrave the kit. Some details are also very simplistic like the radiator that I scratched (see photos in a comment).

  8. Very nice build. Clean, neat, well-done. ALL good.

  9. Having given up on that kit, I know how much effort you had to put forth to get this great result. Superb work!

  10. There is nothing I don´t like about this model! Love the contrasting colours and camouflage versus high viz markings. You even managed to make the cigarette smoke...!

  11. It is a great model of this rare type. He-112s are not a common sight online or on model shows.

    There were only three He-112s in the RHAF, and their fate is not documented in details after the first years. At least one (V3+02) survived long enough to receive the late war insignia (the same as shown above). The other two were most probably grounded by that time due to lack of spare parts. The plan was to start the license manufacturing in the early years of WW2, but Germany forbid export of the important war technology right after the outbreak of the conflict. Hungary tried to developed its own fighter instead, based loosely on He-112, but it did not enter mass production.

  12. This is an amazing He-112, Jean-Paul @jipsx!
    Finishing a CA kit is an accomplishment by itself, let alone a truly beautiful result, like yours.
    The scheme is great, as well.

  13. Looks great! Nice diorama and love that color scheme.

  14. I like it! I have some left over Hungarian markings and a Heller He 112 - I'm going to duplicate his - looks great!

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