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Monogram/Revell F-101

April 9, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.8K

Next up on my model desk is the / F-101B (). I have been wanting to build it to go with the RF-101C in my office. I have seen that many of you have built it on the site here and their are many talented modelers out there, you guys do outstanding work. I will post as I go along here, but my work on the books I am writing do take a lot of time, so I will take breaks when I can. I don't plan any "aftermarket" items, but I am looking around for a set of 60th FIS decals, my favorite paint job on the F-101B. The 60th went through a couple and this one did not last long cause it tended to flake off quickly, but still a nice looking bird. If you know where I may find a set I would appreciate the information.

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  1. I have the same kit, my friend @421stwidow, and it looks great in the box: nice, solid, classic Monogram.
    Looking forward to your build!
    P.S. Sorry, cannot help with the decals.

  2. Thanks Spiros! I have that RF-101B also, maybe I will tackle that thing someday also. No problem on the decals, if worse comes to worse there are plenty of great squadrons.

  3. Looking forward to this build!

  4. Thanks Greg, playing around with the 101 book every day gives me plenty of motivation!

  5. What's inside the box looks nice, Jeffrey @421stwidow
    Looking forward to your progress.

  6. Thanks John! I will start doing some interior spray painting here soon.

  7. I built this kit in the late 80’’s. My first attempt at rescribing panel lines. That complicated the build but the kit is a fun build. Enjoy!

  8. Hello Jeff...I've built that kit a couple of times and it was a pleasure to work with. I'm quite sure you'll enjoy the build and I look forward to seeing progress pics.

  9. Not a complaint, this isn't the Placement Police, but if you put this project into the Work In Progress Group, you will likely run across all those folks who have built the model themselves, who will be more than likely to provide you all the information you need to successfully avoid the minefields in this project (there really aren't that many, but...).

  10. Tom,

    Tom, Thank-you. I am still a bit new, but I will remember that one. This is about the 5th one of the 101s I built and about all I can say about the Monogram kit is pretty straight forward. I just however recently did the Kitty Hawk RF-101C 1/48 and was not as kind. The Monogram kit is a good basic kit and each one I built I cannot remember to many problems, so I am approaching this one with a lot good feelings.

  11. Jim C.,

    Yeah, I have done a couple of them, the last ones are display elsewhere, one for sure is parked in my grandson's bedroom, and still another is in a Aviation Mechanics Classroom in Tumwater, WA. But all have been easy and straight forward to do. Jeff

  12. Jim S.,

    I am hoping to get started later today, busy week. I know this one will be a relaxing way to spend some off-hours and really looking forward to it. Jeff

  13. You'll see one on pg 2 of my blog in Canadian markings. Enjoy the project.

  14. Phil,
    Nice 416 jet. You did a great job on this one. I am working with the Canadians a lot on my book about their jets, very interesting history and some beautiful paint jobs. You could do quiet a nice collection just on all their squadrons. Jeff

    • Thanks. I had good reference photos of the reference subject that was on display at 12 wing Shearwater. Also made use of their CP 141 Trackers. They let me crawl all over them. I was fortunate to see both types fly at the local air shows when they were active.

  15. Phil,
    Have you ever seen the book "A Tradition of Excellence: Canada's Airshow Team Heritage" by Daniel V. Dempsey, if you liked their Airshow birds this book covers it like you would not believe. I got it for my CF-101 reference. But it sounds like something you would love. It is a big book, but covers everything. On my current jet I painted some of the interior stuff last night. My kids gave me a new compressor and airbrush last Christmas, taking full advantage! Jeff

  16. Sorry so slow on this guys, but been seriously busy on F-101 books. But I have painted most of the interior stuff and here is the finished cockpit. So I am making progress.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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