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Soviet Night Witch

April 12, 2021 · in Figures · · 18 · 2.2K

My "Night Witch" finished. Quite an interesting exercise to master skin & leather colors, textures, shadow, etc. Painting eyes was... ayoooo... so hard... ?
Beautiful . All done with acrylic and oil paints.
Definitely a nice experience, ready for another figure later in the year.
More info about the Soviet "Night Witches" ->

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18 responses

  1. W O W... :-O

  2. This is an amazing result, my friend Alex!
    Makes me willing to try painting a resin figure myself!

    • Many many thanks for your kind comment.
      Do not be shy, try it once 😉
      It is actually quite interesting to master color perception and work on shadows. Plus this allows you to work with some unusual colors.

  3. She's lovely, and approaching REAL...really real. And the aging of that leather flight helmet is truly remarkable. ALL good.

  4. Alex, This is really nice, and very realistic looking. I really admire the skill its takes to create a good realistic looking figure like this !

  5. That’s really great!

  6. Absolutely amazing, Alex (@modalex6149). I have tried figures without a lot of success, so I truly admire modelers who do such a good job as you do.

  7. I'll just echo the rest. This is really superb work - the kind that really qualifies as "art".

    "Liked" (a lot!)

  8. Superb paint work!

  9. What they said plus the leather helmet is truly amazingly realistic.

  10. Superlative! Beautiful face.

  11. Absolute great paintwork, Alex.
    Her expressions are very realistic.

  12. Truly a masterwork.

  13. Simply stunning...

  14. Dear Modelers,
    I was really surprised and really touched by all your warm and kind comments.
    I had a lot of pleasure painting, texturing, and weathering this figure. To get all your comments was an additional unexpected delight. I will now always think about your messages looking to this figure 🙂
    Merci beaucoup!

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